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Like a Gym For Your Comfort Zone

Tighten and tone your:

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1. Get Unstuck

Free yourself from ruts and restraints.

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2. Solidify Your Basics

Get your sh*t together so you don’t fall apart.

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3. Set Your Direction

Come up with some idea of what you’re looking for.

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4. Learn From Others

Collect info that inspires and improves you.

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5. Go For Extraordinary

Proactively and enthusiastically make the most of it.

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Everything you see on The Zag is my fault.

I’m a pretired husband, two-time father, devout flip-flopist, Adventure Relish salesman, and aspiring Old-lympian who eternal-summers between Vancouver and Cape Town.

The Zag is my third child, born from my disdain for settling for the status quo and desire to lead an extraordinary life on my own terms.

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