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Or at least give it your best shot.

What’s The Zag About?

The Zag’s a meeting point for people who have decided to veer off life’s conventional paths in pursuit of their own definitions of success.

It’s about pushing past complacency and uncertainty to fill life with one-of-a-kind stories. And it’s about having a good time doing so, because I believe if working toward a fulfilling life doesn’t feel like a great adventure, you’re doing it wrong.

But what do I know?

I’m just an unconventional bozo with a blog trying to figure things out for myself, have a good time doing so, and help you do the same.

What’s My Story?

I’m Chris.

🇨🇦☔️🎓 I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, then studied Business at The University of Toronto.

🇨🇭🇵🇦📊🍹 I worked in Corporate Finance for 4.5 years in Switzerland then Panama, then I “pretired” at 27.

🍇🐛🏨🗺⚡️ I tried exporting frozen fruit, selling bug guts as food, starting a hostel, and travel blogging. Then, in 2023, I decided to Zag.

👨‍💻 Now here I am sitting on the floor of my apartment, poking away at the keyboard of my 2015 MacBook Pro, trying to uncover the secrets to true success at life.

🤰👨‍👦🔬 I live between Vancouver and Cape Town with my pregnant wife and 2-year-old son.

📒🎙 See my personal user manual and Unfollowables interview for more about me.

What am I up to now?

September 2023

  • 🎉 Enjoying: Time with family, new and old, during the final days of summer here in Vancouver before the rain comes, when we’ll look for mushrooms for a bit then fly back to our second home, Cape Town.
  • 🛠 Working On: Figuring out life with our newly-emerged second son, Sandy. Also, starting to strategize how to turn The Zag into a meeting place for uncomplacent, unconventional people like me.
  • 📺 Watching: The Challenge USA and Nicky Jam.
  • 📚 Reading: Ted Chiang’s short stories.
  • 🧗‍♂️ Current Challenge: How to find time to work with two little kids? And how to make enough money with The Zag (or elsewhere?) to be able to afford summer camp for them?
I hope Zac will soon be old enough to babysit.

In Case You’re Curious

First and foremost, because the TheZag.com domain was affordable.

Also, I like the word “zag.”

Dictionaries say zag means “to make a sharp change in direction.”


I say it means more than that:

Zag: To proactively veer in adventurous directions.

You’re right. My only qualifications are a Commerce degree and claims that I read a lot and enjoy my life to an unusual degree.

All I can say is Google trusts me enough to send over 150,000 visitors a month to my site and over 5,000 people have trusted me enough to let me into their inboxes.

Here’s a small sample of the nice things subscribers have written to me:

Testimonial email

Most of my income comes from auctioning off real estate on this site to the highest bidding advertiser. So the longer you to scroll around this site, the more ugly ads you see (unless you have a good ad blocker), and the more moolah I make.

Some people think my content is valuable enough to give me their emails in exchange for a regular supply. And they sometimes pay me to help put those ideas into action via courses, coaching, and challenges.

Sooner than later, I will get so good and renowned for what I do that latter income stream will replace the former.

Technically, I can’t? yet.

Most months, I don’t make enough money from The Zag and my other blog, The Unconventional Route, to cover my family’s living expenses.

But I have enough well-invested pretirement savings to cover that deficit for many, many years.

Also, my income (and potential income from growing my skills and audience) is growing faster than our expenses. Pretty soon, I’ll be flush enough to splurge on a new laptop.

Send me an email. I always reply, though sometimes it takes a while.

To make it harder for spam bots to scrape my email and degrade my inbox, you’ll have to puzzle this together:

It’s the first letter of my first name at thezag.com.

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