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phillip bridges

“The way you write about it is more engaging than Farnham Street newsletters, and much more succinct than Tim Ferriss podcast.”

Phillip Bridges


“Your emails are always inspiring, truthful and most of the time they come as a wake up call or even a ‘slap in the face’ in a good way.”


Greg Brohman

“I enjoy each one of your emails. I read it and sometimes reread it. Thought provoking..”

Greg Brohman


“I am always working on ways to ‘be better’ …and you play a role as both guide and inspiration.”


Mary McFarland

“I LOVE receiving your emails. It’s one of the few emails from people I don’t know that I actually get excited about reading when I see it in my inbox. I frequently send your emails on to my friends and family and then talk with them about the ideas you present.”

Mary McFarland


Your emails really do inspire me and cheer up my day.”


Don’t Be Boring

Best not to be complacent, stodgy, predictable, or herdish, either.