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Core Self

Purpose, Personality, Productivity, Mindset

These articles will help you straighten out your self-perception and get you bushwhacking in a rewarding direction.

Top Picks

Perfect day cover of me going to sleep with a smile on my face.

What’s Your Perpetually Perfect Day?

Why you should squeeze “perpetual” into the question, “What’s your perfect day?” and how to work toward it.

Personal Strategic Plan post cover image.

The Personal Strategic Plan Inspired By a Harvard Business Legend

This five-step personal strategic planning exercise applies best practices from the business world to your life.

How to find your purpose in life cover image

8 Clues to Follow for Finding Your Purpose in Life

These eight questions will help you uncover clues for getting closer to finding your purpose in life.


New Challenges and Experiences

These articles will give you ideas and inspiration for spicing up the story of your life.

Top Picks

How to travel cover image.

How to Travel To Change Who You Are

How to travel in an unforgettable and transformative way, using one of my favorite travel stories as an example.

Me holding up a calendar for another creative monthly challenge idea I'm trying.

Creative and Fun Monthly Challenge Ideas

You won’t find these monthly challenge ideas for your health, finances, relationships, well-being, and more anywhere else.

New things to try cover image.

25 Increasingly Risky New Things to Try

Feeling stuck in a rut? Explore these new things to try, from eating with your hands to taping your mouth at night, to shake things up and improve your life.


Learning, Knowledge Management, Creativity, Psychology

These articles will help you improve your information diet, then process and use it well.

Top Picks

Filter protecting brain from information overload

How I Overcame Information Overload, a.k.a. Mental Diabetes

How I overcame information overload, a.k.a diabetes of the mind, plus practical tips.

Keeping Track of everything you do cover image of Chris lifelogging with clock in foreground

8 Reasons Lifelogging Is Worth Your Time (Plus Tips)

The life-enhancing benefits you too might experience if you start lifelogging (keeping track of everything you do), plus tips on how to start.

Be More Open-Minded Cover

How to Open Your Mind: 9 Quick Exercises to Try Today

Try these exercises that show you how to be more open-minded because, “Those who can’t change their minds can’t change anything.”

Physical Fitness

Diet and Movement

These articles will help you make working out not feel like a job and eating well not be so hard to swallow.

Top Picks

Long term fitness goal cover image of centenarian racing in the olympics

The Ultimate Long-Term Fitness Goal Is To Be an “Old-lympian”

Why training to become an “Old-lympian” is the best long-term fitness goal to motivate you to make the best decisions.

Fitness Lifestyle cover image.

Replace Your Fitness Routine With a Fitness Lifestyle

Rather than grind through your fitness routine, consider these strategies for creating an enjoyable fitness lifestyle.

water for lunch 3 day fast what to expect

What to Expect From a 3-Day Fast If You’ve Never Fasted Before

If you’re considering a 3-day fast but have never fasted before, here are some lessons and experiences to prepare for so you don’t learn them the hard way.


Social Skills, Love Life, Parenting, Friendship

These articles will help you get better at connecting with cool people and dealing with uncool ones.

Top Picks

Being a new dad cover image.

What’s It Like Being a Dad? Objectively Worse

When people ask me, “What’s it like being a dad?” I normally lie. But if you really want the truth, here it is.

How to change someone's mind cover image of person not looking agreeable

The Step-by-Step Approach to Actually Change Someone’s Mind

How to actually change someone’s mind using proven psychological and negotiation techniques (and patience).

How to Give Gifts cover image

How to Pick Gifts Even Better Than Santa Using Science

Easy, fun, and scientifically-proven tips for how to pick gifts that you’ll be proud to give and they’ll truly treasure.

Career and Finances

Finding Work, Working Well, Making Money, Managing Money

These articles can help you find work you’d do for no money and have enough money to enjoy life.

Top Picks

Suck at making money cover image of coins in a hat

Suck at Making Money? Maybe It’s Your Personality

Despite my efforts to get better, I’ve always sucked at making money. Now, based on personality research, I think it may be my wiring.

Find a job you love cover image of the four symbols for the framework

If You Can’t Find a Job You Love, Ask Yourself These Questions

Try asking yourself this 4-part framework’s series of questions to narrow down your career choices and potentially find a job you love.

Pretirement cover image of Chris on the beach

Pretirement: When Early Retirement Isn’t Early Enough

I was too young and too unwealthy to retire, so I “pretired” instead. This is my pretirement story.

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