What to Expect From a 3-Day Fast If You’ve Never Fasted Before

If you're considering a 3-day fast but have never fasted before, here are some lessons and experiences to prepare for so you don't learn them the hard way.


It Was the Shit That Convinced Me

Ridiculous as this may sound, what motivated me to try a 3-day fast was hearing about the shit.

I had yet to learn how extended fasting would help me live longer and healthier, so I’d never considered not eating for longer than 24 hours.

No, It was a story my sister’s boyfriend told me about his own fasting experience that made me eager to try.

He told me that at some point towards the end of his 3-day fast, he went to the toilet and all sorts of crazy shit (literally) came out. It was kind of like cleaning out your garage for the first time in 30 years, he said.

My garage could use some cleaning. I was sold.

So with my girlfriend Kim away traveling, and thus unable to nag me about how I was starving myself or tempt me with delicious food, I decided to give a 3-day fast a go.

Holy shit was it a mind-blowing experience!

3-Day Fast, Day 0

The Last Meal

To celebrate (mourn?), I made a delicious and humongous Sunday night dinner, capped off with some Toblerone and a cocktail to celebrate. Then I began my 3-day fast. No more cooking, dishes, or chewing for 72 hours. Just water, tea, lemon, and black coffee.

I went to sleep feeling like a marathoner about to start his first race.

empty bowl and coffee for breakfast on a 3 day fast
My daily breakfast during my 3-day fast. Coffee and air.

3-Day Fast, Day 1

Setting Off on a Voyage of Self-Discovery

My first day was kind of like that of an early explorer setting out in search of the New World. I wasn’t entering new territory—I’d done 24 hour fasts before—but this time it felt different. This time I wasn’t turning back. I felt anxious and nervous.

Monday morning started as usual with my regular routine of heavy lifting at the gym (and a new personal best!) followed by a bunch of online computer work.

Then things got unusual.

Something’s Missing

Normally I’d have a big early afternoon meal, but this time… nothing. Just black coffee.

What felt stranger than not eating was not having my ritual midday lunch break. Rather than catch up on sports and social media while slurping down a smoothie and some eggs, I just kept on working. Who’d have thought fasting could lead to more productivity!?


My girlfriend Kim, who was supposed to be away until Wednesday, surprised me by coming home early. And since I hadn’t told her of my 3-day fast plan, she had brought some fresh salmon for dinner.


Surprisingly though, even as I watched and smelled her cook and eat her delicious-looking meal with envy, I didn’t feel hungry. I felt good.

empty lunch plate and glass of water 3 day fast
My daily lunch during my 3-day fast. Water and air. Sometimes tea too.

3-Day Fast, Day 2

Uncharted Territory

What a weird feeling it is to wake up after a day of zero calories for the first time in my life. I could joke that I literally felt empty inside, but it didn’t. I felt great. My sleep-tracking ring even said my sleep quality was 95%.

Feeling Electric

From the morning of day 2 to the end of my 3-day fast, my mind felt electric. As if I was high on Adderall,  I hadn’t felt more focused in ages.

This, I found out afterward when I read some books on the physiology of fasting, is entirely to be expected. My brain was running on cleaner fuel than it was used to and my entire body was benefitting from hormonal boosts.

I worked all morning in a hyper-focused zone. Then when my eyes started to twitch from too much staring at a screen, I walked to the nearby beach to unwind. I tried meditating for 20 minutes and… holy hell! I swear to God at a certain point I felt high. Amazing.

The First Negative Experience

Unlike on Day 1, I definitely didn’t make any personal bests in my Day 2 workout. I felt like I did the day I tried working out after taking the bus from Lima to Huaraz in Peru (an elevation gain of 3000 meters or 10,000 feet).

My body felt strong, but it didn’t have the endurance it normally did. After one or two lifts my strength evaporated, and at times I was lightheaded to the point of dizziness.

I was glad to have gotten some exercise, but it was certainly the first negative effect I felt on my 3-day fast.

An Unusual Day

Again, not having my ritual meal brakes for lunch and dinner was a trip. Honestly, I missed the ritual even more than the food itself. I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was like double daylight saving time: normally I’m ready for bed at around 11 p.m, but this time I was ready by 9. My brain wouldn’t stop buzzing, though, so I ended up reading in bed for hours.

Oh yeah, and most importantly (and disappointingly): no shit. No number 2 at all on day 2 of my 3-day fast.

wine glass with empty plate 3 day fast
Feel free to use different glasses to spice up your “meal”

3-Day Fast, Day 3

What the Hell?

Normally I wake up around 7:15 a.m. Today? At 5 a.m I was up and ready to go. My sleep-tracking ring told me I had 90% sleep quality.

I still wasn’t hungry and my mind felt sharp. So too did my hearing and sense of smell, which felt strangely super-powered. My body, though, felt lethargic.

The weirdest feeling, though? My mouth.

My mouth was like the factory of a company that had just gone bankrupt. It’s all spic and span and ready to go, but empty. My breath felt strangely fresh and empty and my jaw tight from lack of use. Indeed, the night before I wondered to myself, “Do I actually need to brush and floss?”

Caving In

Do you remember how weird your teeth felt after getting your braces off? Or your arm or leg when the doctor removed your cast?

That’s how my stomach felt the last morning of my 3-day fast. It had deflated overnight and felt completely foreign to me. I couldn’t stop touching it with my hand. Normally I can do that stupid trick of sticking out my belly like I’m pregnant, but I couldn’t anymore.

It didn’t hurt or anything. It just felt tighter than normal, in a good way.

Pushing the Limit

Feeling mentally sharp but physically lethargic, I nonetheless went to the gym to see just how much juice my body had left.

Answer: Only a few drops.

I managed about 80% of what I do when nourished. Strangely, I even felt sick to my stomach. When I shot some hoops after to cool down, I could barely make a free throw.

My weight, which normally hovers around 197 lbs, was down to 189.

dessert and tea no milk on 3 day fast
Dessert and tea during my 3-day fast. Not much to look forward to.

The End

That afternoon I still wasn’t hungry, but I couldn’t help but daydream from time to time about my upcoming evening meal. I had grand visions of a gluttonous feast where I’d recover all the calories I’d missed out on at once.

Those visions were not realized. I ate half as much as I thought I would and the food didn’t even taste any better.

Immediately after eating, I had my first bowel movement since Day 1. Excitedly I went to the toilet. But it wasn’t a “garage cleaning” of crazy shit like I hoped. Just a couple of tiny turds.

Despite the anticlimactic end, my 3-day fast was overall a mind-blowing experience that I will definitely be doing again.

Maybe even longer next time!

Watch How It Went Down

In case you get really bored during your fast and want distraction from your kitchen cupboards, here’s the video-version of my 3-day fast experience:

YouTube video

How I Made My Following Fasts Easier

If you want to try fasting, I highly recommend you go into it a little better prepared than I did.

These four things might help:

1. Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Chris looking sad at empty plate
Learn about fasting faster with Water Fasting Tips from a Guy Who Learned the Hard Way.

Simple tips on fasting for answers to common questions like:

  • What am I allowed to eat and drink while fasting?
  • How much muscle / fat will I lose?
  • What can I do to feel less hungry?

Since I’m no doctor, all the medical info comes not from me but Dr. Jason Fung’s book (below). I just made it as concise and easy-to-understand (no medical jargon) as possible.

2. Read this Fast-inating Book

The Complete Guide to Fasting, by Jason Fung

Ironic isn’t it, that the cover of this fasting guide looks like a cookbook?

I wish I had read The Complete Guide to Fasting before I did this fast.

Not only does Dr. Fung explain exactly how and why fasting works, he provides helpful tips to make fasting easier. For example, he writes that if I had had some bone broth I might not have felt so lightheaded.

I followed this advice on subsequent multiple-day fasts and found it made all the difference.

Of all the podcasts, diet books, and articles I read about fasting, this one was by far the clearest, most compelling, and most helpful. I’ve told all my friends and family who think fasting is crazy but want to lose weight and be healthier to read it. And, though I don’t know you, I bet you’ll find it valuable too.

3. Use These Hydration Helpers

Photo of lemon, salt, tea, coffee
Some of the essentials that helped me get through my 3-day fast: Lemon, coffee, salt, green and mint tea.

I later learned that dehydration was a big reason I got so lightheaded during my first ever 3-day fast.

Fasting purists will lose their shit (if they have any left; their bowels are probably empty by now from fasting so long), but I now throw in a few supplements to stay hydrated:

  • Electrolytes. Zero-calorie powders like this highly-rated one on Amazon seem to help with the dizziness.
  • Bone broth. I make some before I fast and have a cup as a treat. A reader on my fasting tips post recommended miso soup as a vegetarian alternative.
  • Sea salt and lemon. I have a huge glass of water with a bit of both first thing in the morning.

4. Learn From Others’ Experience

If you have any doubts about your own fasting experience, read through the hundreds of comments below and in my Water Fasting Tips, and Benefits of Fasting posts. They’re full of inspiring and entertaining stories, different experiences and opinions, and great questions.

And, of course, feel free to contribute!

Good Luck Happy Fasting!

“Good luck” isn’t the right thing to say, since there’s no luck involved in not eating. So let’s go with, “All the best!”

A three day fast really is all the best for your health. It’s definitely daunting for first-timers, but it’s worth it in the long run and you won’t regret it. Hopefully, this post will help you prepare mentally and understand what to expect.

If you have any questions or have different experiences on your own fast, please share with all of us in the comments or on social media.

And, once again, all the best!

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296 responses to “What to Expect From a 3-Day Fast If You’ve Never Fasted Before”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Thanks and I’ll check out those books.

    1. Ayush Singh Avatar
      Ayush Singh

      My first 3 days fast begins today!

      1. Chris Avatar

        All right! I hope you have a great experience, Ayush!

      2. April Avatar

        Thank you for sharing. Im 21 hours into my first 3 day fast. I’ve got lots of energy. Wish me luck.

        1. Chris Avatar

          All the best, April! Hopefully it went smoothly for you.

    2. Tanya Avatar

      My first 3-day fasting starts today I have a pair of jeans that are definitely too tight around the waist let me see how they are going to fit after my three-day fast wish me luck

      1. Chris Avatar

        Here’s hoping you have to start putting your belt to more use afterward, Tanya!

        (Though, realistically on a 3-day fast most weight you’ll lose is water. It’s a fantastic jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle in any case.)

    3. Piyush Avatar

      I was thinking to do long fast and after couple of hours, I thought let me research what is on the way. I found this beautiful article. Thanks for sharing your journey. At this point I am not sure, but I hope I can able to reach 3 days.

      1. Chris Avatar

        Thanks, Piyush. I hope you can reach 3 days, too!

  2. Ben Avatar

    Thank you, great story. I will try a 3-dayer soon.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Awesome. Hopefully it’s as fast-inating of an experience as mine was (or just super easy). If you’re up for it, I’d be keen to hear how it goes for you, and help with any questions if you have any along the way.

  3. Deez Avatar

    I’m no DAY 3 now.. had a wiered bowel movement with some strange things in there so I headed over to google and ended up on this page 🙂

    My day 3 will be tonight but I will only breakfast tomorrow morning/midday so basically giving it about 84 hours in total

    1. Chris Avatar

      Fantastic! This has got to be one of the few family-friendly posts online where people can un-self-consciously share about their weird bowel movements, haha. Way to go (and congrats on the strange shit)!

      1. Maurice Shepard Avatar
        Maurice Shepard

        I fast regularly twice a year I have 2 different fasts I do one 3 day fast coffee and water my good fast is my 23 hr. Fast for a week I eat or drink nothing for 23 hrs then i eat for a hr when you get to around the 4th day you wont be hungry at the 23 hrs by the 7th day you will feel so much better its a hard fast the first time I did it I threw up as time went on I ACHIEVED IT.

        1. Chris Avatar

          You threw up your first time? Interesting. Well congrats on powering through and finding a routine that works for you, Maurice!

          1. Danielle Avatar

            Really enjoyed the article. Am halfway through my first 3 dayer – had initially only planned 36 hours (didn’t want to overreach /fail) but waking up on day 2 and I’m not hungry – I feel good I feel younger. I guess a little of that is the body being forced into ketosis quickly? Well see no mad poop experiences yet but I’ll look out for those. Thanks again will check out the books.

          2. Chris Avatar

            Great to hear, D. Feeling good 36 hours in may be the ketosis. I could also possibly be that you normally don’t feel hungry in the morning when you’re not fasting? My experience is that even when I’m deep into a multi-day fast, I still only feel hungry at my regular meal times. (Ok, or when I smell something super delicious and start salivating.)
            Thanks for the comment. Hopefully the rest of your fast keeps going well.

  4. Bob Barker Avatar
    Bob Barker

    I swear humans confuse me. Its a fast. Why would you include black coffee (a stimulant full of harsh histamine-producing chemicals and caffeine that will just increase inflammation, artificially stimulates the brain and tenses up the nervous system, and lets not get into what black coffee does to the stomach due to acidity and the gut as well… ) during a fast? Why would you have a “heavy workout” during your fast? Sorry to slam your comments with this, which you can feel free to delete after you read it, but seriously – why? Fasting is supposed to be zero food intake of any kind. Whoever decided tea and coffee were okay doesn’t know the data about why fasting causes a massive reduction of inflammation that allows the body to heal itself. The gut to get a break from agitants, and the brain to get a break from stimulants. 3 day fasts should include only water. Nothing else. And no, you’re not supposed to go beast mode at the gym. Again, this is supposed to be a healing process for your body. Not a tearing down process. The ENTIRE POINT is to remove your body from its normal routine and give it a chance to regenerate organs, muscles, nerves, and brain.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for the comment, Bob… Bob Barker! If you are the real Bob Barker from The Price is Right you’ve made every minute I’ve spent on this blog worth it. And that’d explain how you’ve stayed so spry into you advanced years: Fasting!

      And you don’t just fast, you’re obviously hardcore about it. Good for you.

      You may be entirely right that you can get maximum benefits from only consuming water while you fast. And I suppose the regenerative ideal would be to put in an IV, never leave your bed, and hibernate for a few days (or more). But for most of us, that’s not realistic. Better a fast that people can live with and want to repeat periodically than a fast that most will suffer doing, fail at, and never try again. That’s why Dr. Fung allows for coffee and other non-water items, and why Dr. Victor Longo, whose entire career and research is dedicated to promoting longevity through fasting, has promoted a fasting mimicking diet, which his studies have found has close to the same benefits as pure water fasting but is much easier to comply with.

      Don’t be sorry for “slamming” my post. I really appreciate it and the readers should read it. Thanks for sharing your input!

      1. Janet Kaye Price Avatar
        Janet Kaye Price

        How long do you have to FAST before Autophagy kicks in??
        Thank you,

        1. Chris Avatar

          That’s a good, and tough, question Janet! According to this study (of mice), autophagy started kicking in after fasting 24 hours and activity increased 48 hours in, so a multi-day fast is more effective. This varies on your blood glucose and glycogen levels when you start your fast. Check out this post on siimland.com for more detail.

          1. Tony Avatar

            Actually autophagy starts to kick in the moment your gut is done digesting and the food passed into your intestine (usually 1-2hrs post meal but could be up to 4-6, depending on the food consumed) and increases up to its maximum rate (300%) 22 hrs post start (so roughly 24 hrs post meal your body’s autophagy is at its maximum, making 3 day fasts clock in about 60hrs worth of intense maximum cleanup inside the body)
            Now I know u may know of autophagy and how it works but if you understand how it actually appears in a 4D model on the microscopic level, your mind will literally be blown. I’m currently 40 hours into a 3day fast which should extend to 80+, and what Mr Barker said is a little false, but not entirely.
            You want to sip some coffee before the workout, but not too much, and combine it with as many compatible herbs as possible. My friend and I started a business selling teas and concoctions of this kind, but we literally have no right to patent as it’s just herbs and yada-Yada if we do it’ll cause us legal troubles later down the line. But one of our “Aliksirs” is made with coffee, real matcha (not this fake green tea bs they sell u), and a bunch of other trade secret ingredients whose list u Get access to if u purchase them, and you can drink it for fasting (all our Aliksirs are made to be drank for individuals who fast as we ourselves are always fasting) and it impressively improves your overall feeling and focus, as well as giving you the boost you may need to max out that rep, even if you haven’t consumed food in the last 48 hours.

          2. Chris Avatar

            Thanks Tony for chiming in. Maybe I’ll have to give your Aliksir products a try next fast. Where do you get this info on autophagy from? And what’s a 4D model? I certainly don’t want my mind to be literally blown, but if it’s that cool I’d be keen to see it.

      2. Bob’s An Anus Avatar
        Bob’s An Anus

        Cool read bro!!! But then comes the smartest human ever… Bob…. And Bob is going to let us know he is the real expert…. gosh what a life sucker.

        Well Chris its crazy how we need to defend our opinions/experience/beliefs unnecessarily when guys like Bob come to trash and bash things. Things we truly feel are beneficial to the masses. I totally related and understood the point, the whys and whats of your article. You are speaking loud and clear to 99.9% of us.

        I recently dealt with the same type of hater for a biz idea I was trying to market. This dude came outta no where!!! Guys like this really try to steal your thunder… its sad and demotivating. Ive got your back! Mpre about Bob:
        Bob is the guy that nobody wants to be around in the real world cause he is gonna suck the life out of you. Keep being real with us Chris, even if you are just trying to sell a book… Joke!

        Anyways back to things that matter… Ive done 24hours+ fasts before, and could have gone longer but I just got bored of not eating… I like coffee and maybe I will sneak something else… Cover your eyes Bob… maybe a sprinkle of sugar!?!?

        Im almost on day 2 currently, I got a bucket of water next to pot in case I need a flush assist when the big one comes

        1. Chris Avatar

          Haha, thanks Mr. Bob’s An Anus. I actually appreciated Bob’s “constructive criticism” because this isn’t a Barney episode and it’s through sharing differing opinions that we learn. But I most certainly appreciated your comment more. Funny, motivating, and helpful. Good luck when the big one comes!

          1. Kim Avatar

            This all cracked me up…. I needed this laugh about 17 hours in to my 66 hr fast

      3. Joe Avatar

        Wow Chris what a nice reply to somebody knocking your opinion, definitely a great approach to a different idea that somebody has about fasting. I have done multiple water fasts (3-4 days once or twice a month for the past year or so) and I follow a very similar approach to your fast with black coffee, tea, and electrolytes (salted water) and I have great results. I do see where somebody might think that consuming anything other than “water” would not be true to a fast, but let’s not forget that both tea and water are infused water essentially.

        Great article and happy fasting!

      4. Michael Gj bourne Avatar
        Michael Gj bourne

        Its definitely doable if your not weak minded. Most people would only fail at it if their not serious or aware of how fasting actually works and what it does for the body. I am on day 2. I can assure you this is not easy, pleasant, or painless. I am sacrificing in order to regenerate my cellular structure. Its important to give real information and not semi-factual information based on your personal limitations. All you did was starve yourself for 3 days. There were literally no health benefits to what you did. I hope no one else takes this advice.

        1. Chris Avatar

          Michael GJ coming in hot!!! Could it be that your strict water fast has you a tad grumpy? I’m always happy to hear others’ conflicting opinions, so thanks anyways. To lend you statements some more credibility could you share the basis on which you say “There were literally no health benefits to what you did”?

          1. Nursey D Avatar
            Nursey D

            I think he’s being sarcastic.

          2. Randi Avatar

            Chris, loving your replies to the naysayers

      5. Yioula Avatar

        Here here, I started my 3 day fast without reading anything, I read as I went along, on day 2 I read I can drink black coffee so I made one and it was the best coffee I ever had, I really enjoyed it and it’s helping me through, on day 3 now feeling good this morning X

        1. Chris Avatar

          Awesome to hear Yioula. Thanks for sharing. If your coffee tasted so good, get excited for how good your first bite of food will be after your fast! I enjoy the feeling of fasting, but nothing’s better than that first bite.

      6. Valentina Licata Avatar
        Valentina Licata

        Thanks so much for your very helpful article. I have done several 24 hours fast but today I have started an extended fast: I am aiming to stay on it for 5 days. I will follow your tips and I am looking forward to this great new experience! 🙂

        1. Chris Avatar

          That’s awesome Valentina. I hope the 5-day fast went well for you.

      7. Rey Avatar

        So, I assume your energy came from the coffee & tea with caffeine. On s true fast only plain water. You can do lemon water but have to be careful on how much because you will start the digestive system. The idea is to give your digestive system a break.

        1. Chris Avatar

          Hey Rey. Maybe, though I’m one of those people who doesn’t feel any effect from caffeine. Also, in later water-only fasts I’ve done without coffee or tea, I’ve felt just as energetic, if not more because I’m now more used to fasting.
          Thanks for the input. Good on you for doing “true” fasts. All the best!

          1. Wes C. Avatar
            Wes C.

            45.5 hours in, I cannot think about anything but food. I had a great, productive day in the office but the thought of a small meal is on the forefront of my mind and leading every thought. I had a couple of ounces of Braggs apple cider vinegar, water, and calorie free caffeine. I will be eating 1 minute after my 72nd hour. Still a ways to go.

      8. Kate Avatar

        The benefits of exercise during a fast as well, are scientifically proven to amp up the regenerative process and stimulate autophagy. I’m attempting my first 3 day fast right now, the exercise I still do ok with, have a lot of energy, but the hunger pangs are insane on day 2. I know they’ll pass though just got to keep up the willpower haha.

        1. Kate Avatar

          Oh yeah, I’m interested in your fresh breath!! I have the opposite! I think they call it “keto breath” hahah! I have a very acidic taste in my mouth all the time, can’t brush my teeth enough! I’ve read about pulling coconut oil so going to attempt that for a bit of freshness. I guess it’s not a side effect for everyone, you are lucky! Heheh

          1. Chris Avatar

            Hey Kate. My breath “felt” fresh… it certainly didn’t smell it. Kim’s probably going to make me keep my face mask for her protection next time I do an extended fast. Let us know how the coconut works!

          2. Rob Rarker Avatar
            Rob Rarker

            Unfortunately, the breath smell is mostly coming from your lungs. The process of ketosis releases chemicals during respiration, including acetone, etc. I find that rinsing my mouth with warm water and salt, then another rinse (and some drinks) of cold water gets rid of the gross mouth feel and residual smells from the mouth…. but there isn’t anything you can do about the exhaled smells.

          3. Chris Avatar

            I didn’t know that. Thanks, Rob.

            I guess the one silver lining to having to wear masks everywhere these days is they catch your keto breath. Just gotta wash your masks more regularly because of it, haha.

        2. Enza Avatar

          I’m with you with the hunger pangs, I’m on my day 3 and I’m getting a lot of these. I was starting to believe I’m the only one who gets them, phew!

          As soon as I get one I focus and remember what Dr. Fung and Dr Jamnadas in their talks say: hunger doesn’t build up and after 20-30 minutes pangs will pass.
          I say eventually the evening comes and I’m nearly relieved that I went a few more hours without food before bed time.
          I’ll be breaking the fast tomorrow evening so I’ll have done a bit more than 3 days and I’ll have managed it without my husband knowing as he would nag if he knew. He’s not a believer yet. All will be revealed tomorrow to him. Then if he nags I know I did it and somehow managed and kept my willpower intact.
          It’s so hard though. I’m hanging in there.

      9. Tiara Avatar

        I have done longer fasting several times. I used to drink coffee and tea during my fasting, but at some point my body doesn’t want any coffee or tea anymore. Listen to your body. The physical hunger is getting easier, the problem is the psychological craving.

    2. Hossein Avatar

      You’re definitely right. Just tepid water, less work and no hard exercise. Drinking coffee and tea and lemon is ridiculous.
      In case of weakness, just a teaspoon of honey dissolved in water is allowed per day.

      1. Richard Morgan Avatar
        Richard Morgan

        Why is honey (virtually pure sugar) just fine, while a dash of lemon juice in water, or green tea (both much lower calories than the honey) ‘ridiculous’?
        I think the tips re. bone broth or a pinch of sea salt just sound smart to me (and commended in the Fung book – who does seem to have significant evidence on his side).
        The coffee hating I understand more; I’m sure the quantity of caffeine I consume may have negative effects on inflammation etc… Still no evidence that it wipes out the effects of a few days of fasting (and Fung is good with coffee too). Still waiting on someone with evidence not prejudice.
        The reason I drink coffee while fasting is purely practical. Fasting itself has very few downsides (a little anti-social when other people are eating is the worst; a little light-headed from time to time). Stopping drinking coffee is a disaster.
        So I’m sure that there are potential added benefits to removing the excess caffeine as well as the food – but unless someone can show me that those added benefits are overwhelming, I’m sticking to my coffee…

    3. Jose cardozo Avatar
      Jose cardozo

      How smoking on cannabis while 3 day fasting with only water.?

      1. Chris Avatar

        There’s no reason I know of not to other than if it gives you munchies it might make it harder to fast. You’ll probably need to drink even more water too if weed dehydrates you like it does for me.

      2. Annie Avatar

        I think I heard that cannabis can stimulate insulin production which would interfere with autophagy. I’m not certain however. Something to research I suppose. Maybe someone can chime in on this…?

      3. Brian Avatar

        I just completed the 3-day Canna-Water fast and it was great! Got the CRAZY bowel movement at the end, stomach looks flatter than ever and I feel like a million bucks. Author is correct about the munchies though.. It made it about 10x more difficult to resist eating, but is entirely possible if you’ve got strong willpower.

        1. Chris Avatar

          Canna-water fast. I like that name. And it’s a good idea for a future experiment and blog post. I’m happy to hear it went well for you Brian. Thanks for sharing your experience and the inspiration.

          1. RachelGirl Avatar

            No cannabis for me because the munchies will win! No coffee either, but caffeine makes me weird, so I generally avoid it. Hour 22 here, aiming for about 84….

    4. PJ Avatar

      I thought the same thing. A fast is a fast. For sure no coffee, which seriously causes inflammation.

      1. Koen Avatar

        gerund or present participle: fasting
        abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink

        Your “a fast is a fast…” point is moot. It is whatever you make it. For anyone who is practical about it; if you want to drink coffee during your fast, just drink coffee during your fast.
        For all you “hard-core” people; just go a couple of days without water as well if you’re so superior to the rest.

        1. Ennazus Avatar

          Open, I know we all wear blinders, and hence can’t see what others see… But honest to goodness your comment, makes you sound just as they all sound.

    5. Anna Graham Avatar
      Anna Graham

      You obviously haven’t read the trials of Dr Valter Longo then, you sound really obsessive, slightly neurotic and arrogant TBH. And the point of a fast is different for every person that undertakes one. Eat something FFS and stop being such a bore.

    6. Dee Avatar

      So decaffeinated tea is ok

      1. Chris Avatar


    7. Rachael Avatar

      THANK YOU!

    8. Dean Avatar

      I’m pretty sure you’re wrong on this one. The big benefit from fasting derived from autophagy. Autophaghy displays 16-24hrs into a fast but ramps up considerably after 48hrs. To further this, black coffee (no additives) has been shown in at least two studies which I’ve read, to promote autophagy. Not sure we’re you’re getting your data, Bob, but I’d love to see it.

    9. Joy Avatar

      I really appreciate your comment/insight. I think that helps me understand why I cannot tolerate coffee during a fast, Nor intense exercise.

      I started my fasting Journey almost two years ago in December of 2018 with One-meal-a-day which translates to 23 hours of fasting every day. The next month, I did a 48. After that I did a 48 almost every week and then I did a 3-day and then a 6-day… so I’m not exactly a newbie to fasting but I feel like it.
      I am really enjoying reading all the comments.
      I started it for the health benefits but I soon realized it was an excellent route to weight loss. I’m down 40 pounds and would like to lose another 30-ish.

      1. Chris Avatar

        That’s awesome Joy! I think many people might want to consider your approach and ease their way into longer term fasts. You can power through and do a big fast from the start, but maybe it becomes more of a lifestyle if you do it like how you did it, starting with a meal a day, then slowly extending.
        Dropping weight’s the same. I don’t doubt if you keep it going slow n steady you’ll eventually drop those next 30lb and, most importantly, keep em off. All the best!

      2. Zeena Avatar

        I’m thinking of doing a 3 day fast I’ve done 24hr fasts 36hr fasts but not a pure 3 days without chewing anything haha I also drink decaff tea with no sugar or milk and I just drink water will that be ok for the 3 days and is there anything I should add to my water and how much water must I drink oh by the way congratulations on your journey

        1. Chris Avatar

          Hi Zeena. Consider adding some salts to your water. Or get some unsweetened electrolyte powders. It helps me with lightheadedness.

      3. Ennazust Avatar

        Wow that is fantastic. And great to hear your approach gives one something to think about. I like the idea of an ongoing fast routine.

  5. Chris Avatar

    I would not lift weight during a 3 days fast. No no no.. walking is okay.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Based on my experience, I’d agree. The first day of your fast is probably no problem but, after that, I agree that people should limit themselves to walking. Exercise-a-holics like me who feel bad or lazy when they don’t exercise can consider fasting to be their exercise. It’s very likely that those days of fasting are even better for their bodies than the workouts they’re missing.

      1. Patrick Avatar

        I played hockey on the 3rd night of a 5 day fast and had loads of energy and a mental clarity like I’d never experienced before…much like you were referring to. I may not push weights or if I do it’d be body weight squats, push ups etc during that time but I’d definitely do cardio again. I did drink herbal tea with no caffeine and lemon water. I’m definitely interested in trying the miso broth next time. Great tips and post!

        1. Chris Avatar

          Hockey in September?! On my side of Canada I don’t hear of that often. Rather go to the beach! But that’s good to hear that you felt fine playing on your 3rd night. I suppose in short shifts or not going too intense it wouldn’t be an issue. Or maybe you just react differently than me to fasting. Thanks for sharing, Patrick.

  6. Keith Avatar

    Great article, I plan to start my 1st 3day this Sunday. Question: how often is it safe to do a 3dsy fast? I plan to do more research but curious.

    1. keith Avatar

      Did some research, looks like once a quarter is what is recommended. My problem is if I see it works well for me I’ll want to do it more often.

      1. Chris Avatar

        If you read The Obesity Code, you’ll see he gets some of his patients to do extended fasts over and over again so, depending on your health situation, that may not be too crazy. But you’re probably right that it would not be the best idea to go overboard without doctor supervision.

    2. Chris Avatar

      I’m no doctor, so don’t blame me if you die, but if you’re not pregnant, on medication, or unhealthily skinny there’s not too much risk behind a 3 day fast. Well maybe be careful if you work with heavy machinery too, in case you don’t stay hydrated and get lightheaded. But if you’re totally healthy you’re designed to not eat without any issue, so you should be fine. And if start feeling bad there’s an easy cure: Eat!

      1. TerrieAZ Avatar

        Holy crap! If I didn’t have my coffee in the morning I would be in bed for three days! I don’t drink it all day long. Just in the morning.

        I am on my 3rd 3day fasting in a month. I’m 57 work at home and pretty healthy (so the dr says) I have had NO problems! Down a full size (maybe more) And 7lbs lighter.

    3. Tracey Avatar

      I do a 3 day fast the first Mon-Wed of every month and it has been working great for me.

      1. Tiffany Lewis Avatar
        Tiffany Lewis

        I have as well!

  7. Dale Avatar

    Thanks for the blog post Chris. My mom told me about Dr. Fung and his book “The Complete Guide to Fasting” a couple of weeks ago. I also have tried a few 24 hour fasts and swear that I notice slight changes to consciousness near the end that I’m eager to see through for longer durations. This morning I decided to do a 3 day fast. I have been worried about going to sleep on an empty stomach so it was interesting to read about your reports about sleeping. Since doing 24 hour fasts I would say that the re-introduction of food has had the affect of making immediately sleepy. Thus, I hypothesised that having no food and being in a hyper focused state would prevent me from reaching a deep sleep. Good to hear that was not the case for you!

    1. Chris Avatar

      For me sleeping hasn’t ever been an issue when fasting, but for others your intuition is 100% on point, Dale. Their mind’s on overdrive and they have a harder than usual time falling asleep. If that happens to you I’d recommend you take extra care with your nighttime routine—avoid screens and bright lights in the evening, read a book, and take a hot shower before bed. All the best with your prolonged fast and thanks for the comment.

    2. TJ Avatar

      I think our bodies are in such a state of shock, in case there really wasnt amy food, we would have the energy and sharp senses to go hunt for some. Then after a couple days it switches to reserves as we prepare to die of starvation. Like my phone switches to low batt mode… useless!

      Im on day 2 and cannot sleep at the moment and my gf hates me fasting. She left a small portion of rice on the table. Like so small it probably will not have any affect… But Im not gonna let her win tonight!!

      1. Chris Avatar

        Yeah I think your theory’s on point TJ. Well kinda. It’s more than “a couple days” before your body goes into low batt mode (funny analogy, btw!). We’ve got lots of fat on us and when fasting we only burn about half a pound a day, so we can go A LONG time without dying. So we may be like smartphones, but our fat acts like a gigantic portable battery we can only access when fasting.

  8. Dawn Pointer Avatar
    Dawn Pointer

    Great post! Thank you for sharing your experience. I also do 36 hours 72 hours and did one time 10 days fasting. I can’t tell how awesome fasting is for me.
    It helped with my chocolate and caffeine addiction.
    I agree with the nothing but water comment. That is the way to get the main benefits from fasting. But I so relate with the Coffee part. It’s the hardest to give up. I started with 24 hours first then next time 36 and gradually increased every week and now I just drink coffeee for pleasure not because my body need it and I enjoy its taste more than before.

    1. Chris Avatar

      That’s a really interesting perspective, Dawn! I’ve never heard of anyone fasting to help with chocolate and coffee addiction. The more I hear from people about their experiences with fasting, the more it becomes apparent how versatile it is.

      For example, I don’t feel the effects of caffeine in coffee and only drink it for the taste of something hot that’s not water or tea. Coffee doesn’t bother my stomach, either, so I drink it when fasting. Your relationship with coffee seems to be quite different, so I totally understand why you’d want to avoid it during your fast. So I guess everyone’s gotta think of what their objectives are from fasting and play around with what works best for them.

  9. Nate Avatar

    I am finishing up my 72 hours tonight! I feel great and amazingly, not hungry. I’m planning some steamed veggies and some broth tonight. Yummy? I’ve lost 6 pounds already so I love this. I also feel great!

    I’m thinking of doing this once a month now since my first experience was so good.

  10. Nate Avatar

    I didn’t just have plain water, by the way. I had zero calorie flavored mineral water and coffee. Sorry, not ready to give up my coffee. 🙂

    1. Chris Avatar

      Way to go Nate. Isn’t it weird how your hunger goes away? And, as a bonus, it seems to continue one well after your fast so you only feel hungry when you’re actually… hungry.
      Of the 6 pounds you lost, expect to gain back a good 5 of those. That’s water (see the fasting FAQ for more info). But even though one pound doesn’t seem like much, you’ll have improved your metabolism and hormone levels, which can lead to continued benefits moving forward.
      And yeah, as for the water/coffee, if it gets you through the fast happy and eager to do more, then it sounds good to me.

  11. Sophie Avatar

    can you chew gum during the fast?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Sophie, I’d recommend avoiding anything with artificial sweeteners because they trick your body into thinking and acting as if it has sugar in its system. That said, if it helps you get you through your fast and you can’t fathom going a few days without chewing, go ahead.

    2. Emily A Boronkay Avatar
      Emily A Boronkay

      I’m a gum chewer also. From Whole30 I learned to pop a few fennel seeds in my mouth to chew. Fresh mint works too.

      1. Aristeia Avatar

        Thanks, this is a great tip! I’m on day 2 and can’t sleep, totally revved up, but not at all hungry. I did drink some cold brew coffee but otherwise have had just water. Am only down 2 pounds but didn’t work out or do as much physical activity as usual.

  12. Jordan Avatar

    Thank you so much! I am 21 hours into a 66 hour fast and my experience is much like this.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Awesome. “Enjoy” the next 2/3 of your fast, Jordan …or maybe you’ll get into a groove and push through to get to a full 72 hours!

  13. Tatyana Watson Avatar
    Tatyana Watson

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m currently on day 4 of my first 5 day water fast. Reading the complete guide to fasting book. So far so good, although my hunger didn’t go away completely after first 2-3 days. It still comes and goes in waves. I do feel lighter and can do exercises easier. I am pretty cold though, most of the times. I also didn’t have any bowel movements yet. In fact, on day 1 I drank 2 tea spoons of epsom salt on water, hoping to get cleaned out before getting into the fast and nothing happend. I wonder if I’m deficient in magnesium and my body just absorbed it? I’m drinking filtered water and occasionally carbonated mineral water and had some grains of salt here and there when the hunger was strong. Now I’m worried I sabotaged my autophagy process by eating salt, as it was the main reason I was doing this fast.
    I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and taking my meds in the morning. Checking my blood pressure and blood sugar and so far so good. Hope to finish the fast tomorrow night with a low carb dinner.
    Next I’ll try 24 hr fasting a couple days a week and continue IF for the most days.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Way to go Tatyana! My experience also is the hunger doesn’t go away completely, but it’s not NEARLY as bad as people whose jaws drop at the idea of fasting think, right? On your autophagy worries, obviously I’m no expert but my rationale would be that since salt is a calorie-free mineral consuming it won’t stop your body from consuming itself (the old and unneeded parts) for energy.
      Oh, by the way, it’s funny and ironic that your profile pic is you eating something that looks delicious!

      1. Tatyana Watson Avatar
        Tatyana Watson

        Yes! The hunger was not as bad, but it was definitely there. So I decided to beak the fast at the end of the 4th day as I was feeling Ike I really NEEDED to eat (not just feeling hungry). I had chicken broth I cooked with chicken wings and a little of meat and it was the best broth I ever had! I’m continuing with 16:8 IF now and it’s going pretty good. I had some stomach pain and discomfort on day 3 post fast, not sure if it’s due to spicy Mediterranean food I had on day 2 or some other issues. After all, the experience was more positive than negative for me and I plan to repeat it a few times a year. Perhaps fasting after the holidays would be beneficial and will give me an opportunity to enjoy the holiday feast guilt-free. And yeah, that was one delicious turkey leg at a renaissance fair in my profile pic lol

    2.  Avatar

      Oh no… this may be a stupid post, but I’ve never read about or considered fasting before this morning. I decided, on a whim, to do 3 days, and I’m wondering if I blew it bc I took my vitamins 🤦🏼‍♀️ I did it out of habit, but others I have only had water in the last 28 hours. 🥴

      1. Chris Avatar

        Vitamins have no calories. In any case, a few calories here and there won’t make much of a difference or change the fact that you’re challenging your eating routine.

  14. Lee Avatar

    This is not the first time I had three days and three nights fasting. The first time I did it without taking any water and I was really weak after three days. The second one I had water and taking tablets but I feel very strong after three days and three nights though I had a smelly large bowel movement on my second day.

    1. Chris Avatar

      No water for 3 days? Lee, you’re crazy! That must’ve been incredibly difficult. Glad to hear the second time around “passed through” better with some water and tablets!

  15. Alison Avatar

    Did you keep any of the weight off or did it all come back onnafter the fast? Nice post btw! I’ve also tried prolon and water fasting but not in the last year. I remember keeping off about a pound of weight each time

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Alison! A general rule of thumb is you’ll burn about half a pound of fat per day of fasting. All the other weight you lose during the fast is water that’ll come back pretty much immediately. But if you fast enough and start eating healthy, you can speed up your metabolism and basically reset your base weight, which can lead to much more significant and definitive weight loss. The Obesity Code does a great job explaining how this works in a way that motivates you to focus on those long-term gains.

  16. Leigh Avatar

    Hilarious post, loved it. Great comments, all.

    I’m another fasting nerd and practice daily 23-hour fasts, with twice-monthly 48-hour fasts. What you said about feeling mentally superheroic–spot on. I schedule my 48-hour fasts for a tough weekend at work, and my mental acuity and mood are GREATLY enhanced during that time. So much so that I’m planning on going 72 hours this weekend, which led me to Google 3-day fasting, which brought me to your blog. Will post back if I clean out my garage, lol. My husband just did 5 days and his carport was very creatively cleaned out by day 5. He didn’t feel too hot on day 5, either, so won’t be going that long again–it stopped feeling healthy and started feeling weakening.

    I generally only lose 1/2 to 1 pound over the 48 hours. I’m a fairly lean (1), middle-aged (2) woman (3), so fat loss is a triple unicorn for me, and it’s easily gained back as I resume my one-meal-a-day normal life. If I want to keep my claws into that loss I have to work hard on portion control. I routinely work out while fasted–martial arts, yoga, running, HIITs. We’ll see how the Monday morning run goes on the morning of day 3 this weekend. I don’t anticipate any problems…she said dizzily….

    I’ve only ever done water fasting and am just now tentatively considering a dry fast component to my longer fasts. From what I’ve read, dry fasting might actually support electrolyte balance better, is a faster route to ketosis than water fasting, and burns even more fat as the body metabolizes a greater amount of fat to make water to replace what isn’t being consumed. I was thinking of doing a sort of “Ramadan-style” dry fast in the middle of my 72-hour stretch–no water from sunrise to sunset. I dunno, food for thought ha ha.

    The great thing about fasting is it’s not a prison–if it starts to really suck, just eat! It makes me chuckle when my coworkers are astounded and horrified that I’m fasting, as if I’m stuck at the bottom of a well or something. Meanwhile there’s nut mix like, right there, and Panera delivers. 😉

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks, Leigh! This is the first I’ve heard of dry fasting being a thing (aside from traditional reasons like Ramadan). My first instinctual reaction is, “That’s crazy and can’t be healthy,” but… that’s exactly what your friends (and my friends, and everyone who fasts’ friends) say about water fasting! I’ll have to keep my mind open and look into it. Thanks for bringing it up!

      Good luck with your 3-day-er! Even though your husband had a negative experience with his 5-day fast (aside from the full garage clean), I wouldn’t completely reject that possibility if I was you. I’ve done a few 5-day fasts and, aside from missing the sensation of chewing and taste, it’s no big deal as long as you stay hydrated. And with 5-days you get the advantage of more time in the autophagy, ketogenic, metabolism-resetting phase that you may not even get at all with a 2-day fast.

      Thanks again. I, and everyone else who reads these comments too, certainly appreciate your perspective and experience.

      1. Leigh Avatar

        That was exactly my first reaction when my husband looked into dry fasting. But there’s research supporting the idea of a cautious dry fast.

        Regarding a 5-day fast…as an already slender person I have to wonder, where’s the line between health nut and eating disorder? Just my ballet dancer former self talking, I guess. But I think I’d be irresponsible not to keep it in mind. I tend towards extremes and could possibly give myself a real complex if I didn’t approach it mindfully.

        Just tossing that out there…there must be at least one lurker here who thinks we’re all anorexic already and fooling ourselves!

        1. Chris Avatar

          Yeah, I 100% agree Leigh. Whenever something’s so good for you like fasting is, some of us get a bit too excited and go overboard. Thanks for pointing this out.

      2. Ennazus Avatar

        Hi also really appreciating your blog and all the varying comments and perspectives… I do come from a science background and practised as a professional RD for many years, so I do know the physiology and bio chemistry of what goes on from a textbook perspective.
        I cannot imagine having no water, for one things with the autophagia, gluconeogenesis… Tapping into fat reserves and then the ladder Ketosis there is a tremendous amount of toxins released (byproducts) and if anything, our kidneys need to dilute this to denature it and allow it to pass out of our bodies.
        I was intending to simply ask my question… As I was reading through all the comments I saw this last point, and thought I would pipe in.
        But I am wondering, I have extreme feelings of nausea when I am vertical, hence on this day 3rd day of four days – I am having to kick back and really rest. FYI my fast does include water, black coffee, Japanese loose tea, a few grains of salt.
        Just wondering if anyone else has experienced nausea? My guess is it’s toxins??
        Thanks for all the great info and comments.

  17. Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    I was enjoying your article while I am at a 25 of 72 hour fast. I have been intermittent fasting at 23 hours the past week and thought I’d give this a try! I am 285 lbs and figured I need a reboot. Intermittent fasting helped me immensely get my blood pressure and blood glucose under control. Thanks for the good read.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Way to go Mike! Hopefully the last 47 hours went well.

      I found “mikeisretired” email address to be hilarious by the way. I’m wondering if you got it after retiring to celebrate (or tell ex-colleagues to stop bothering you about work), or if you always had it as an aspirational thing. Either way, it’s funny.

      1. Mike Avatar

        Hi Chris, I changed my email after retiring from the United States Air Force with 30 years and eight days of military service and I was 49 years old. Life is good but I let things get away from me the past five years so I had to do a turn around. I gained 40 pounds while taking antidepressants, then retired and gained another 40 lb! My three-day fast ended up do a 7-Day fast because I had no complications and felt great! all my friends cannot believe I went 7 days without a single morsel of food! What an experience! I continued walking 3 miles a day and even worked out with weights three days during that seven day period. I went from 285 lbs down to 269.6! Blood glucose went from 116 to 74. Blood pressure 142 / 88 to 128 / 78. I consumed a little bit of Himalayan pink salt each morning and that was it. I am back to Keto, but want to do another 7-Day fast. Your website gave me the drive to accomplish this. Many thanks, Mike

        1. Chris Avatar

          Wow Mike! Thanks so much for sharing. I honestly got goosebumps to read your amazing progress. All the best.

          1. Michael H Skidmore Avatar
            Michael H Skidmore

            Yo yo yo Chris!!! I just wanted to give you the latest update with my fasting results: after my first 7-Day fast I took a 10-day break and then went on a 8 day fast then took a 14-day break and went on a 14-day fast!!! I am down to 248 lbs!!! I am taking a 14-day break and then doing another 10 or 14 day fast!!! Prolonged fasting has changed my life Chris and I got to thank you for me seeing your I initial website… It gave me the inspiration to keep trying this prolonged fasting and I have succeeded with awesome results. Thanks again Chris and I just thought that I would share my weight loss and detox journey with you!!!
            CHEERS, mikeisretired49. WOOT WOOT!!!

          2. Chris Avatar

            Holy crap Mike, that’s amazing! So amazing that it sounds like one of those crappy Jenny Craig infomercials… except that A) it’s actually true and B) it’s 100% free (or actually saves you money).
            A 14-day fast is bonkers, by the way. Keep up the incredible progress but please don’t go so nuts I end up reading a news article about you with a headline like “Man eats himself to death by fasting.”
            All the best!

  18. Accidentally in fast Avatar
    Accidentally in fast

    Hello! I’m accidentally about 45h into a water fast, after the night of the 27th I felt very nauseous, extremely bloated and had a fever for no apparent reason.
    I have been curious about fasting for health reasons and I think this is probably the best time for my body to do it. I would say I appreciate people telling their experiences, although I also understand there may be problems with the names. I had that when I was quitting sugar. Some people call it fast when it’s just water, some call it fast when it’s nothing at all…When I was giving up sugar, I would not even eat things like stevia or honey…sometimes not even fruit for a few months; and most people do not count those as “sugar”.
    Anyway, let’s see how it goes for me. In my case I believe my body is exhausted and it wants to have some time off to cleanse all the extra food I was feeding it -while I was studying something that stressed me excessively- and also sleep a lot. I’ve been for a walk, interacted with other humans, but I feel quite tired and I’m already picturing my next meal…

    1. Chris Avatar

      You saying you’re “accidentally” 45 hours into a fast made me chuckle. Thanks. But it makes, right? Our bodies naturally don’t feel hungry when they’re sick and that’s likely in part because they want time to focus on fix themselves without having to deal with whatever crap we routinely stuff into them through our mouths. Hopefully you feel better soon—whether it be from fasting or not. And maybe give fasting a go another time when you’re not sick.

      1. Purposefully fasting now Avatar
        Purposefully fasting now

        Thanks, Chris. Yes, it also caught me by surprise because last week I had been discussing water-fasts with a friend, and suddenly my body felt “ill”, or just wanted to get me into a fast faster than I would normally have decided to.
        I still haven’t had breakfast, just water and SUNLIGHT! That is a must for me, and I think it is very healing.

  19. Mark Avatar

    Good write up Chris! Am seriously considering this now we’re in 2019. My biggest fear is being super cranky the whole time! Hangry x1000…

    1. Chris Avatar

      Haha, I think people around you might even be more fearful of Hangry Mark X1000. One suggestion based on my experience is to wean yourself off of any sugar/carb addiction and try to get used to eating twice a day (no snacks) first. That way hanger is minimized. Once I’d changed my eating routine like this, fasting became easy. Best of luck to you… and to those around you!

  20. Lou Avatar

    After reading this, I’m going to try tomorrow

    I too am Mrs Hangry, so the world better hibernate for 3

    1. Chris Avatar

      Awesome, Lou! I wish you the best… and maybe better still I wish the best to those around you in case Mrs Hangry emerges a la Hulk.

  21. Jon Y Avatar
    Jon Y

    Currently 60 hours into the fast (shooting for over 100). Have done 2 fasts prior to this one and it seems to get easier each time.

    Honestly the toughest part for me isn’t being hungry, it’s just missing food and flavor. I try to change it up by drinking black coffee and green tea (both iced and hot) along with water, but there’s just so much food that looks good to me. Anything from chicken wings to popcorn to almonds or peanuts just sound phenomenal just because of the different flavors. Bone broth certainly helps though, especially after a workout!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Amen, Jon! That’s exactly how I feel. I don’t know about you, but for me the newfound appreciation for food I get is an underrated benefit of fasting. There’s nothing better than those first bites after a fast.

  22. Faith Avatar

    I wanted to loose weight and then God started talking to me about fasting. I weighed 82 kilos and God helped me bring it down to 62. I want to still go down to 52. Everybody wants to know the secret and I enthusiastically share, but few believe me. Fasting took away my cellulite as well. Fasting is the second best thing that has changed my life forever!!!!!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Congrats Faith! I had read and heard that when you lose weight by fasting you lose cellulite and don’t get the same stretch marks as from other methods (especially liposuction), so it’s good to hear your experience confirms it.

      Isn’t it funny how skeptical everyone who hasn’t fasted is about it, even when the evidence is right in front of their faces? I guess seeing isn’t believing and only trying it themselves will convince them.

  23. Laura Ross Avatar
    Laura Ross

    Going to try a 3 day fast next week…! It’s my first and I’m nervous! Hoping it will be a jump start to a low carb lifestyle and “diet” that will help me lose about 20 pounds. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Awesome, Laura! Enjoy your three day vacation from cooking, grocery shopping, and chewing. I too still get nervous before every fast, but, as you can read in some other comments here, often people end up on such a roll that they go longer than previously planned. So be excited too! Hopefully it goes well for you, gets you rolling towards your goals, and we’ll hear back from you soon.

      1. Laura Avatar

        Thank you for the response and encouraging words!! Looking forward to the experience 🙂

      2. Laura Avatar

        Hi Chris – so, I’m happy to report that my 3 day water fast was a huge success!!! Day 1 was easy peasy (shockingly!). More mind over matter than anything else, for me… felt great; lots of energy- all good. Day 2 was a little tougher. Woke with a funky headache, but had a cup of hot tea (with nothing in it!) and that went away. By the 3rd day I was counting the hours until I could eat, but I stuck to it and feel great for it!!

        2 questions for you. Thinking about making a one day fast part of my weekly plan – thoughts? Also, what about intermittent fasting (8 on/12 off)… how do you feel about that?

        THANK YOU for this forum! 🙂

        1. Chris Avatar

          Congrats Laura! I’m happy to hear you made it through your first extended fast pretty smoothly. My experience on the last day is always the same no longer how long I fast: I start looking forward to that first bite. It’s almost like if you want to do a 3 day fast you should somehow fool yourself into mentally prepare yourself for a 5-dayer then suprise yourself by cutting it short at 3 days. All of a sudden, three days would seem easy and too short.
          On your questions: Yeah, pretty much every week I too do a one-day (or actually more like 36 hour fast). I do it mostly to keep my hunger hormones from getting into a routine and because I feel “cleaner” for it. And as for intermittent fasting, if I lived in a cabin in the woods by myself I’d probably have one big meal every day somewhere around the mid-afternoon because a) it saves time in meal prep b) it allows time to digest before I go to bed so I sleep better c) I can workout in the morning on an empty stomach, which feels best and d) it keeps me from feeling the need to snack, which happens if I get in the habit of eating 3 meals a day. Since I don’t live in the woods and live with Kim, I compromise and try to have a big lunch by myself and not so big dinner with Kim and other people most days (sometimes 1 and sometimes 0). From what I’ve understood and read, what’s important is to have minimal meals, not snack, and not eat right before sleeping. I’m not as convinced about the whole “eating window part”.

          1. Dave Avatar

            I’m currently 72 hours into a five and a half day water fast. This is my fourth fast of this length in 18 months and I have found that they are getting easier each time.

            The first time I did five days and I found the last day difficult as I was looking forward so much to eating in the evening. Since then I have eaten my last meal before the fast by about 7pm. Then, as I am doing five and a half days, I go to bed for my sixth night knowing that I can break the fast in the morning. This has been easier and I’ve managed to go longer (5.5 days vs 5 days) in ketosis.

  24. Emily A Boronkay Avatar
    Emily A Boronkay

    I’m at 44 hours. I was Intermittent fasting pushing for 18 hours and just kept going. An integrative doctor friend of mine told me a story last weekend of a friend of his who had spent thousands of dollars over the last 20 years on many different therapies trying to solve knee pain. It took him six months to talk his friend into trying a long water fast. On D4 his friend contacted him and said he had less pain in his knee then he had had in 20 years.
    It’s been about 6 months that he’s been talking to me, so it must have been time!
    I did a 10 day bone broth fast in the summer of 2016, two of those days actual fasting, and it was the beginning of a life changing Transformation. I went from thinking I was going to have to retire early from pain to being pain-free. I eat a Paleo/anti-inflammatory diet. I also lost 50 pounds in about 6 months and maintained it for 2 yrs before regaining 15.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for sharing Emily! Hopefully the remainder of your fast goes well and maybe even you experience some more “miraculous” benefits. Or at the very least fell better than ever and keep it up, which is what keeps me fasting regularly. Thanks again1

  25. John Brame Avatar
    John Brame

    Hi Chris and thanks for the great post.
    I just finished a 3 day fast. The night of day 2 was the hardest (probably the transition into autophagy) whilst most went well with the slight up and downs. Broke the fast with 2 apples and a handful of dates.I did have some coffee at the beginning but mostly just water. We are on rainwater so that’s what I drink, fresh off the roof. Will definitely do it again, feel clearer and more energetic.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi John – Rainwater fresh off the roof eh? Maybe the roof adds some extra minerals to help make the fast go even easier for you! Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to share your own experience. I’m glad it went well for you.

  26. Jeramy Ray Avatar
    Jeramy Ray

    So I’m a 44 year old male and was at my heaviest last year 210lbs 5′ 10″ which is pretty bloated. My blood pressure has been out of control like around 210/120 and I ended up in the emergency room with no real symptoms but people were telling me I needed to go. So they prescribed medications and monitored me overnight and my blood pressure normalized on Linsinipril to 130/80. This sucks, now they were telling me I would probably be on these pills the rest of my life which gave me every side effect in the book. I did some research on water fasting and found studies that said water fasting does great with out of control blood pressure. I did 3 48 hour water fasts using only distilled water and a pinch of salt. I stopped taking my blood pressure medication during these fasts and found the fasts would keep my blood pressure around 150/95 and when I started eating poorly again it would slowly creep back up. So, I decided to do a 6 day water fast and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Blood pressure is no longer an issue as it is now 115/75 and hasn’t gone back up after 3 months of eating although I’ve cut out most bad food and mostly eat a vegetarian diet and limit sugar. Great work!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Wow Jeramy, your story is way more impressive and inspiring than my silly little account. Thanks for sharing it and congrats on the all the progress you made!

  27. Cheech Avatar

    Black coffee and plain tea are fine, as are herb teas.I drink water with fresh mint leaves in it. The most benefit takes place after 48hrs. when you’ve used up your glycogen and you start burning toxic fats. Meals and or diet leading up to the 3 day fast can make or break the fast. Eat light, and you want to start out with your system as empty as possible. I have trouble believing people when they say‘ it wasn’t that bad’ Good luck, I failed my first time, but have completed it many times since.

    1. Chris Avatar

      How about future fasts, Cheech? I honestly don’t find it to be that hard anymore now to go up to 5 days. The only real challenges are the social aspect of skipping meals with Kim and others and staying hydrated.

      Thanks for the concise and helpful input in your comment!

  28. Darby Weaver Avatar
    Darby Weaver

    I’m into a 31 hours of my current fast it is the second time I’ve tried fasting.

    Last year I started with a 7-day water fast and survived. Got to where I saw no weight loss with water fasting and went to a 3-day dry fast and it worked well – about 5 pounds weight loss per day. I went from around 330 to about 301 during about a 6 week period with multiple 24 hour dry fasts.

    Seemed to work well and I went from barely making it up a flight of stairs to being a lot healthier overall.

    So now I’m 50. I hit 341 pounds over the year and still feel pretty well from the last year’s fasting routine.

    So now I’m doing it again. I weighed in at 29 hours into my fast and was already down to 333.2 pounds.

    So that’s pretty good. Last year I started off with Adkins/Keto first and had no ill effects aside from a mild headache which cleared up on its own.

    This time I have a stronger headache which has yet to clear up. I caved and took one baby aspirin dry a little while ago.

    Otherwise I’m 3 minutes till my 31st hour into this fast.

    I studied this a bit and am prepared to begin the snake diet’s juice by Cole Robison when I ready to rehydrate.

    Presently, I am feeling quite well and not thirsty nor hungry but of course I “could” eat – if I wanted to break my fast.

    The headache is the only matter at present.

    I weigh in after each ruination which is typically about 3-4 or more hours apart. Which is a little longer than usual but I push myself to wait a bit longer too.

    I also have the benefit of sleeping it off which I do as much as possible.

    I’m actually following the advice of an old book written about a man who lived a longer than average life know as Piomingo.

    He advocated not eating and other matters.

    So it seems he attributed his long life and that of his community to their lack of eating habits and abundance of fresh sources of things other than traditional food.

    Lots of nuts, some fruits, and berries with various herbs or else roots.

    Anyway I’m not focusing on that for now just the fasting.

    I watch videos or read blogs and other posts to stay motivated.

    On cleaning oneself out – I found water to me the mystical miracle solution. However, I drank one 16 oz per 25 pounds and it literally cleaned out everything – to the water level.

    Never seen anything like it.

    Just my experience if you want to cleanse entirely.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    Darby Weaver

  29. Darby Weaver Avatar
    Darby Weaver

    As of July 8th at 5:30am weigh-in, I am now at 332.2 pounds at 37.5 hours into my fast. So about 5.4 pounds so far and about 9 pounds less than my max weight of 341 pounds before my “prep” time of just eating less food.

    Headache is still present but almost gone now.

    In any event by 4pm today I will complete 48 hours. Sleeping in till 8am. My physical activity is minimal during my fast. As I said I am 50 years old and this will be my second 3 day dry fast if I don’t stop for any reason.


    Darby Weaver

  30. Darby Weaver Avatar
    Darby Weaver

    Darby Weaver:

    July 8th, 9:00 am weigh in. I weigh in based on bio breaks. So as of my 41st hour I presently weigh 331.2 pounds, so that’s about 6 pounds in less than 2 days so far with no physical activity and a lot of sleep to pass the time.

    Back to work so can’t sleep it off but work passes the time just the same.

    Not thirsty or any signs of hunger, whatsoever. My mouth has water and is not dry at all.

    I’m energetic and not lethargic either.

    I make it a point to go upstairs for bio breaks so I use the stairs more during this time.

    That’s it so far. Last year this sort of dry fast resulted in about 5 pounds per day of weight loss for the three days and was the most weight loss I’d ever experienced in one sprint.

    I am curious as to other people’s experiences as some here report about 1/2 pound per day loss.

    I am heavier than I should be and have more to lose than most and perhaps that is why the weight is being lost faster or else it is just initial weight loss and will subside to about what others are seeing as reported in this article and it’s feedback.

    In any event, it seems like a worthy place to log the loss – I keep a journal like I did last year when I did this so I can record my progress or lack the thereof.


    Darby Weaver

  31. Darby Weaver Avatar
    Darby Weaver

    At 48 hours – 330.8 pounds.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Darby. Thanks for sharing all your personal insights and experiences from your fasts, which certainly will motivate others just as you say you get motivated by them.

      On your weight loss point, you’ll certainly lose more than half a pound a day, but that’s water weight you’ll gain back after. In terms of actual fat loss, you’ll only burn as much as your metabolism needs, which is on average half a pound (1,750 calories) a day. If you exercise a lot while fasting or have an extra active metabolism (which is unlikely, since if you did you wouldn’t gain weight as easily) you might burn a bit more than half a pound of fat a day, but not much.

      All the best.

  32. Stuart Avatar

    Dont understand the bone broth idea. Bone broth has amino acids in it therefore calories and insulin response. Black coffee has caffeine in it so will give an insulin response too. You need to go full on for it to be called a full fast.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Ok, maybe instead of a “fast,” we’ll call a bone broth and/or coffee assisted period of non-eating a “rapid” then? Or a “quick”? Undoubtedly consuming anything but water has some effects, but just as undoubtedly people can benefit enormously from “quicking,” especially if they wouldn’t be able to get by on just water.

  33. Sandra g Avatar
    Sandra g

    I am on day 2 of a three day fast. It was strange because I am dealing with relationship issues that have made me very sad. I talk out loud to God and feel he hears me. I just shared my pain and went to sleep. I was woken in the night knowing that I needed to fast for three days. I remember discussing if coffee would be all right. I agreed to do it. I woke up in the morning and was reminded about fasting. The first day was just mild hunger. I slept so well. This morning I felt tired but happy. Usually noises in the neighbourhood make me tense, but this morning it made me giggly happy. My mind feels clearer and more relaxed. Fasting feels wrong, but my body and mind are enjoying it.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Sandra. First of all, I hope you’re continuing to feel better post fast. I’m interested by how you say, “Fasting feels wrong,” but maybe by “wrong” you mean “unsual,” which is certainly how it feels. All the best!

  34. Sandra g Avatar
    Sandra g

    Yes, unusual is the word. Day three and tomorrow I get to eat! My emotional state is much better. Possibly because my brain has had a break. All it thinks is, “Feed me!” I wrote down a lot of thoughts that I may forget when my basic food needs are met and I have to deal with relationship issues again. I kept the fasting a secret from my partner until today. He did seem to enjoy this lethargic me more, as the “fix it” me stresses him out. Funny thing: I mentioned I was fasting to a few friends. I got the same look that people get when they say they are foster parents: “I should do that, but I really don’t want to.”

    1. Chris Avatar

      The foster parents look, haha. Wait… are you implying Kim and I should become foster parents?

      Anyway, hopefully the experience was overall positive enough that you’ll do it again and maybe suck some friends into trying, too.

  35. Dan Avatar

    I arrived at your post because, after no dumping for a solid 24 hours, as I expected ( I assumed all of my food was gone after about 12 hours), I had a significant spring cleaning (not quite a garage cleaner) that I was not expecting.

    I just finished a big salad to conclude my first 3 day fast. It feels nice to not be hungry, but the food didn’t taste nearly as good as I imagined. I did the fast for spiritual reasons, (the Bible talks about walking by the spirit and not by the flesh). but I have heard and enjoy hearing about the health effects. I did a water fast and felt pretty weak at times. I’m trying to get back into running and did 2 slow miles today. It felt rough. Throughout the fast I felt a cool tingling in the back of my neck, but not light-headed at times. I did feel focused at times, but not supercharged as you mentioned. After feeling sluggish starting day 2, I felt much better after light weight lifting. I did get lightheaded a little, doing light yard work in the sun and fixing a leaky pipe today. I drank some baking soda mixed with water a couple of times for the salts. I sometimes take high doses of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate). I have read that when taken to bowel tolerance it can fight all kinds of illness. After the spring cleaning I wish I had taken some to bowel tolerance or some other kind of bowel cleaning. I just wonder if I got all of the crap out.

    I have talked to one guy that has done a 40 day fast, not sure if it was water or not, and he says the first 3 days are the toughest. I will definitely do it again, hoping for the spring cleaning.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Dan. It’s always interesting to hear how we all have different experiences from fasting.

      I’m not familiar with the bowel tolerance stuff you mention, so I’ll have to look that up.

  36. Nikki Avatar

    The best way to clear out your bowels during a water fast is to do a sea salt flush. It’s very simple and clears everything out within an hour after doing it. I did two sea salt flushes during a 10 day water fast and I’d say it was a really important part of the fast to cleanse your body.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Good to know Nikki! Next time I do an extended fast I’ll try. Sounds like a… blast! Do you just ingest a lot of sea salt?

  37. Paul Avatar

    Hiya Chris,
    Well I can honestly say I have not enjoyed reading a thread as much on the internet as I have here. When I came across Bob I thought, “Here we go. LOL let all not be like Bob.” Behold sobriety and humour prevailed. I especially liked Mikeisretired post as I am in a similar position with raised blood pressure and glucose problems.
    It is the glucose problems that caused me to research and came across your thread for a 3 day fast as medically a three day fast actually cleans out the garage of all the dead white blood cells and causes the body to regenerate those cells for healthy ones which in turn serves as a repairing agent for other inflammation and other problems that the cells can help with. Bit like an oil change really but not as fast with an ever ready drain bung.
    Tomorrow is Sunday and traditionally it is family day and I cook a roast, so I cannot see myself having the strength to cook and fast, not with all those aromas floating around.
    So Monday I am going to hit the road and initially was just going to be water, but I have taken on board the tips on here about hydration and because of the glucose may need a bit of broth which I will make tomorrow in preparation.
    Unfortunately, there is not much information on glucose and fasting though it does not say don’t. I have done plenty of 24hour ones but never an extended one so here go’s

    Thankyou for the post


    1. Chris Avatar

      Oh yeah, cooking a roast only to watch everyone else eat it while you salivate to the fumes of it while drinking broth and lemon water? That’d be torture, especially on your first over 24-hour fast. Good idea to postpone.
      Hopefully you enjoyed your meal and then enjoyed your subsequent extended fast almost as much, Paul!

  38. NoWarOnIran Avatar

    “Cleaner fuel.” LMAO. Your body transitioned to primarily fat burning, that’s all that happened. It’s not “cleaner,” whatever that means. That’s not a scientific term. It’s just the preferred primary fuel source after 2-5 days.
    You don’t need to add extra salt if you’re using electrolyte powder. Sodium IS an electrolyte, Einstein.
    What’s your highest level of science education? Honestly, reading people’s attempts at explaining basic scientific principles on the internet is like listening to a 6-year-old explain how their mouse maze works. Or maybe your highest level of science is building a mouse maze in second grade.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for making it clear that you don’t need to add salt and electrolytes together. I’m not sure where you read that I or anyone else said to do so here, but since you’re so smart it must be true.

      By the way, my science project was way cooler than a mouse maze. It was a golf ball hitting machine to see which balls really go the farthest.

  39. Ruheen Avatar

    Hey! It was nice reading the article. Thanks for sharing your experience and motivating many of us. I have one question though. Did you gain any of the weight you lost during the fast? If yes, in how many days?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks Ruheen. Yes, I gained back almost all the weight I lost during the fast because it’s almost entirely water. You can only expect to lose around half a pound (220g) a day while fasting. Bigger weight-loss benefits can come from longer-term effects on your metabolism and controling your hunger.

  40. Ed Nenninger Avatar
    Ed Nenninger

    Hey Chris great post! Im on my second day o my three day fast (maybe five). Im just on water, and had a cup of coffee yesterday. Since im not a coffee guy i don’t get thise cravings. My last meal was o sunday at 9pm, and went to the gym to do my regular workout without any problems. Today on my second day i woke up just fine, no crravings. So i got up, took a shower and went to the gym and did my regular routine (heavy lifting). I didnt felt any weaker or tired, it was just a regular day on the gym. So i’ve been fasting for about 50 hours and i feel just as any other day without fasting. I still have at least 22 hours to go on my three day fast, one more workout (lets see how i feel tomorrow on LEG DAY). So i think evereyone has a different experiece while fasting ( its been really easy for me and its my first time fasting), and i believe everyone should try it at least once.
    I’ll let you know how my journey ends.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Ed. Wow, so you’ve basically got the most easy-going body ever. No food, no worries; it just keeps on running like usual. Lucky you. Or maybe something about your diet or lifestyle made the transition easier? And why’d you have coffee if you’re not a coffee guy?

  41. Rick Avatar

    Hi Cris! Thank you for your blog and readers comments. Great to know there are so many people sharing their fasting routines.

    I discovered fasting accidentally or rather I keep hearing about it but ignore it as too radical a way to lose weight or even as a healthy option. It goes opposite of what was taught or indoctrinated to our thinking.

    My experience started when I had a difficult tooth extraction. Basically it kept me from eating regularly for two weeks. The first 3 days almost nothing. I never even knew I was already fasting. Anyway dropped 10 lbs in that two weeks. Felt great so I said might as well carry on what I was doing which was an occasional 24hr fast and limited intake of food. Lo and behold 8-9 weeks later I was down 20lbs. From 187 lbs to 167 now. I’m 5′ 9″ and 59 old so I’m still a bit on the over the recommended weight. All my elevated blood pressure, sugar levels went to normal! The amazing thing compared to my other diet plans etc. was all I lost was fat! My stomach gut is gone. Went from size 34 to size 32 but my shirt size is the same.

    Now reading up on fasting (which is the reason I came about your great website!) I just completed a 72 hr water fast after a 2 week travel cruise! Except for feeling chilly at times, there was no strange bowel movements except for the occasional stomach grumbling. On the 2nd to third day my finger dexterity was not up to par and I didn’t feel like hitting the gym. Could be jet lag? Decided to play it safe. Drank lots of coffee during that time and little bit of salt with water. I lost 6 lbs but after breaking the fast and eating it was only 2 lbs which is online with what you say 0.5 lbs of fat a day.

    All of my friends and relatives don’t want to hear about this fasting thing and kinda looks at me strangely. So thank you once again for your blog spreading the benefits of fasting and your website sure is interesting as we travel quite a bit and into unconventional lifestyle.

    More power to people like you Cris!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Wow, what a story, Rick. You gave me goosebumps! Good on you for being open-minded to consider continuing fasting after recovering from your tooth extraction and researching it more to better understand it. And I’m with you on friends and family not wanting to hear about it, even when the results should make them curious. Maybe one day they’ll stumble into to it, too. Or enough others will do it that it’ll become “normal” and they’ll want to join.

  42. Dietrich W Avatar
    Dietrich W

    Hi Chris! I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome many years ago and my life has become a tale of doctoring and experimenting with my body for results. Although somewhat counter intuitive I think fasting could really help with my energy and general well being. For anyone worried about me doing this just know you’d try anything if you were in my shoes too. Also I’m an adult so like, heck off. Anyway it’s been all be benefits mental acuity etc until 54hrs, now I have general aches, little colder, poorer concentration, and skin seems more oily. I expect my body is just getting rid of toxins so I’m going to try and sleep it off. If I feel worse in the morning I might end the fast, but I’m gunning for that 72hr mark! Hopefully you guys hear from me again 😉

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Dietrich. I’d tell you to be careful, but don’t want to be told to “heck off,” haha. Hopefully you made the 72hr and it helps you somewhat (or, even better, more than somewhat) with your conditions. And I’m definitely hoping to hear from you again!

  43. Icantbelievethis Avatar

    I think your info and article is great. I’ve read Dr. Fung’s books and they’re great. I try to do water only fasts with salt. I’m working up to a five day. I would add that if you’re addicted to sugar, a 3 day fast would likely be miserable due to cravings. Fasting for me was much easier after I kicked refined carbs and sweeteners.
    Fast on fellow Fungster!

    1. Chris Avatar

      “Fungster,” haha. (I hope that’s not actually a thing among his readers.) I’ve had some friends who went straight from horrible dietary habits into 3+ day fasts and made it through no problem, but yeah I too wouldn’t advise it to anyone who can’t say no to a cookie.

  44. John Avatar

    I did a 2-week potato diet, which I heard was close to a water diet. After that I went vegan and started getting some old arthritis pains in my fingers even though I have dropped 40 pounds, so I was considering doing a water fast for the sake of autophagy. I have to be careful because I also have problems with acid reflux and take meds for gout. I know fasting releases uric acid and cholesterol, but I made it through the potato fast, so I am not worried about the water fast. I do worry about the acid reflux, though. Anyway, didn’t plan to start yet, but haven’t eaten since dinner at 5 yesterday, so I figure, what the heck–I’ll do it. 19 of 72 hours down…fingers crossed. Oh–ordered the books as audiobooks from your links, so hope you get a couple coins…

    1. John Avatar

      So I am now about 45 hours in on a 72 hour attempt. It’s not bad so far. I am still hungry, but the acid reflux hasn’t bothered me yet. The arthritis pain isn’t as bad as it has been lately, but hope it flat-out goes away. We shall see. I do find the grehlin affect to be really annoying in that I’m constantly feeling the food pangs. I have been strict vegan with no sugar, salt, oil so I had no addictions to give up prior, but the constant hunger feeling is a bit annoying. Sad to hear the 4 pounds I lost today will be coming back, but I won’t be surprised.

      1. Chris Avatar

        Way to go John! Many people say the second day is the hardest (even if they come in well-prepared like you), so hopefully your next day went well and your hunger pangs went away a bit. And even more hopefully you felt some beneficial effect on your arthritis and/or acid reflux. Keep it up and thanks for sharing your experience.

  45. Nina Avatar

    Hi! Great post! I’ve been doing quite a few 3 day fasts so far and even did a five day fast once a few months ago. I am a huge fan of Jason Fung’s book and heard multiple interviews with him. I tend to have only one problem while fasting and that’s CONSTANTLY freezing. That’s the only negative experience, but it literally physically hurts to be going through all those chills. Do you have any tips on dealing with that? Thanks in advance!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Nina! Beyond obvious ideas like wearing something warm or drinking something hot, I have no idea, sorry. These comments constantly amaze me with how everyone reacts differently to fasting. A quick Google search tells me feeling cold while fasting is super common. I didn’t find any unexpected answers for how to stay warm, but hopefully you get some comfort in knowing your symptoms are normal!

  46. Galia Avatar

    Hi Chris! Thanks for your post. It was motivational!I’m into my 66h of my first 3 days water fasting. I have to say that apart form first evening when I had a pretty annoying headache due to caffeine withdrawal, I’m not really struggling a lot. The only problem is that I feel constantly like freezing and my hands are extremely cold which is unusual for me. I’ve done it only with water with a bit of salt and baking soda in it. As much as I love and am addicted to coffee I don’t feel well when I drink it on and empty stomach , so I’ve dropped it completely.I’m used to do every now and then 36 hours dry fast and I feel really good, but water fast before was very difficult. what helped me was the tip with the salt in the water. I didn’t realize how important is too keep the electrolyte balans especially for longer fasting.
    Thanks a lot for the tips. Let’s see how I feel post- fasting.

  47. Raylene Taskoski Avatar
    Raylene Taskoski

    I just finished (at 10:30 am this morning) a 3 1/2 day fast and … well, the garage is emptying right now! I had to google if this was normal!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Right now?! As you type?! Better wash your computer after, haha. Congrats Raylene!

  48. Ian Avatar

    Thanks for this post Chris – just came across it while coming to the end of a 2 day fast and after reading decided to continue for a 3 day fast (well 84 hours as last meal was Sunday evening and will eat tomorrow (Thursday morning UK time.) I started doing the occasional fast this year after reading Dr Michael Mosley great book The Fast 800.

    I don’t feel particularly hungry so wondering about doing 4 days but I’m so looking forward to eating (I’m involved with a bakery and there are a few products waiting for me to try!)

    Have been drinking black coffee but after reading some of the comments above I’m wondering about seeing if I can live without it next time

    You said you’ve done more fasts since this first 3 day one – what do you think is the optimum period for fasting?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Ian, Considering it takes a day or two to get into a fully fasted state, it can benefit you to extend your fasts as long as you continue to feel good. Plus, many people feel the second day’s the hardest, so once you clear that hurdle why not keep going a bit if you can?
      Thanks for The Fast 800 book recommendation. I’ll check it out.
      All the best with the rest of your fast. And enjoy those baked goods even more than usual when you’re done!

  49. Sarah Avatar

    I had my first 50 hour fasting experience and felt amazing the whole time. It was unplanned, so I made decisions on how to break the fast within the last half of a day – I didn’t think of how much work that would be to figure out! I feel really sick since breaking the fast and no healthy shit 🙁 I’m actually more backed up than when I started, which is disappointing.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Sarah. I’m happy to hear the experience was amazing and sad that it didn’t end so, um, smoothly. What did you have to break your fast? Maybe if you feel so good, continue beyond 50hours next time? Get well soon.

  50. Kenneth Campbell Avatar
    Kenneth Campbell

    I am currently on my 3 day fast and I am shockingly surprised that I’ve already lost 8 pounds. I am about 60 hours in and will probably stop between 60 and 70 or at 70 because today is New Year’s Eve and I need to have some time to gradually re feed my body with the hope that I can enjoy midnight tonight. As someone who works out quite often, I have taken 3 days off from the gym to just focus on resting my body while I fast. I find that I am very energetic on my 3rd day having not slept entirely last night; however I did sleep extremely well the night before. With all of the information that I have consumed about fasting for 3 days or more; I have learned and am now currently experiencing that on the 3rd day you really clean out your bowels. With that said; again I am very pleased with the results thus far knowing that the stem cells that are being created during this time will benefit my mind because I have multiple sclerosis and my body because I’m about to become 50 years of age in the year 2020. To everyone that decides on fasting for 3 days in the future; I wish you all the best.

  51. LadyBlanks Avatar

    I just completed my monthly 3 day fast and will have my first solid meal at 3pm. I have been sipping on a bulletproof coffee for a few hours. I usually don’t have my garage cleaning until after I eat my first meal. I thought something was wrong and I was refeeding with the wrong foods that made me have that kind of BM but now after reading these comments, it may be a common effect of fasting. Apart from my monthly 3 day fast, I usually do a 1 or 2 meals a day intermittent fasting protocol.

  52. Jana Avatar

    HI, and thank you for this amazing blog. I started my water fast 3 days ago ( 2nd time I am fasting) and felt really tempted by all the food I was preparing for my kids. I was about to break the fast and grab that hot steak but then I read your blog and calmed down.
    Today is day 3 and I feel very weak. Any advise on how to deal with that?

    Initialy I planned to fast for 72 hour, but I really want to hang in there for 7 days. Would appreciate your thoughts on how to keep going:)
    Again, may thanks for such a great content!!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Jana. Wow, good on you for making it through your first fast with the added challenge of dealing with and feeding kids! The safe and standard advise from a know-nothing non-doctor like me who’s not aware of your personal situation would be: Eat and try again another time, may a little bit longer and easier. But if you don’t feel too bad and don’t feel there’s risk in pushing through to possibly get over the hump, consider something like bone broth. And/or wait an hour and see if the tide changes. Maybe that’ll reinvigorate you.

      1. Jana Avatar

        I I just (8AM) completed my 84 hour fasting, I had a nice beef broth with white beans, still waiting for the garage cleaning though…

  53. Hilda Avatar

    Not sure anyone is still hear reading or commenting in 2020..I ran across this when looking up bowel movements on 72 hr fasting. I woke up around 60th hour and had to run to the bathroom. Strange shit, I must say. To my surprise i have not been hungry at all. I tried years ago but was miserable. I thought perhaps this time was much easier since I’ve been sugar and carb free since 2014. My body didnt have much junk to crave i guess.
    Just a few more hours to go, but feel so good i may extend. I have black coffee in the morning, water and tea throughout the day. I did try some Kettle & Fire bone broth day 1, while good, I really didnt desire it day 2.
    Thanks for the great and inspiring read.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks Hilda. I’m going to make sure Kim reads this comment, since she too had a pretty miserable time with her first 72-hour fast and I suspect it’s partly because of her sugar and snacking habits. Maybe if she cuts that out she’ll have a positive experience like you’re experiencing (plus some strange toilet time!).

      All the best and thanks again for sharing your experience.

  54. MNK Avatar

    I don’t want to get into a whole thing. I’m like 30 nearly. Fasted, ran… lost 70lb at 16, obese to fit. lean or leanish 17-19% bf by 21. near dead, a medication (SNRI, misdiagnosis). Near dead again late 20s breifly. Anyways, since I already Alt Day Fasted and 20-23 hr fasted religiously (not for religion, but I guess for discipline/focus/ mood), when I became extremely ill a couple of years ago in my late 20’s (due to a post drug disorder (an antiandrogen, finasteride). …

    After suffering, suicidal a year straight nearly (it was HORRIBLE). With facial changes, burning pain in other regions, etc, etc…

    I tried juice feasting… 18 d and 30 d and 30d.. helped but I couldn’t keep it up. It was tough.

    Jan 2018 I fasted Jan 6 to I think Feb 8 (my mom wrote it down, and helped… by making veggie broth at the end). Anyways, that saved my life. Autophagy. Got ripped and jacked the next 2 mo, and maintained. I was like 95-99% cured (say 47-48.5/50 post finasteride syndrome symptoms gone) a few mo after refeeding. Anyways, fasting right now just a few days to lose a few lb.

    I have ADHD, supposedly bipolar II. Only stims for me. I hate all other meds, except for super low dose, mineral lithium (orotate). And also trace elements inc… (minerals are behind the enzymatic reactions in the body). Anyways, I’m balancing life on all levels.

    Self employed, back to work, trading, applying to JD school. Etc.
    Glad to be back alive.

    Just chiming into say IF is great to lean up and break plateaus.
    And for some maybe even MANY people, if they’re desperately ill and docs can’t help (TRT, “it doesn’t exist”, “I can’t help you”. Is what you’ll hear from Fam Docs, endocrinologists, etc, if you get post accutane, post ssri, post finasteride syndrome.

    I wish I knew what I know now at 16. Anyways, cured PFS. Can treat ADHD/BPII effectively (one medication. and TEI. or one medication and mineral lithium as needed).

    However, interestingly enough, 24hours fasting restores sleep and mood and deep sleep *like that* for me.

    When I was super ill in all of 2017, I lost barely 20.2lb, water fasting 1 month. Now I lose like 10lb a day, fasting only 22lb (obviously lots water). Anyways, I’m lean or lean enough 9-11% bodyfat or less, at 172-192lb. So now it’s kind of for vanity, or mental health/focus/studying/ starting off a new quarter…

    But in essence I’m saying, that if you’re super sick like I was and thousands are and were, that I spoke to (secret blog, secret health website… working on my own blog). Autophagy and long water fasting might just save your life.

    Going thru that syndrome was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I may only be nearly cured, but still life is livable and I’m often happy… (though bipolar ii/adhd are kind of a bitch. not that I agree with those labels, nor the DSMV, but whatever it fits me. It’s not all bad, adds a lot of personality, and I’m lucky to take 0-1 meds, many are on polypharmacy regimens for that).

    *Obviously not rec adhd medicine nor bipolar medicine for fasts greater than one day.
    ** I didn’t take inhalers, adhd medicine, anything like 18months after my ordeal with PFS (basically androgen deprivation, 5arii inhibition syndrome. research still going on, I don’t really care, as long as I’m better than before. Could have committed suicide). I was helped online/ hence paid it forward. no longer in that community, gotta study. will blog, but I just wanted to let people know that YEAH WATER FASTING works.

    Worked out 150 x 2016. lean. didn’t leave bed most of 11mo in 2017, dying. working out 2x a day ripped at nearly 200lb or 172 (skinnier tho, but i prefer it, also who cares. not trying to be “jacked” there’s more imp things to wrry abt), the next 2 years and beyond.

    more effective and capable, re: the severe adhd/focus/mood stuff too. (PFS kind of happened bc of bipolar medicine/adhd medicine shedding hair like crazy for me, and me being slightly vain and hence taking that chemical atrocity finasteride, but that’s another discussion).

    anyways good luck on your fasting. clearly works.
    15 250lb, 6 feet. 16, 180lb skinny some strength. 20 175-185 v strong. almost a decade later, stronger than almost all. outside of vikings, guys who are 7ft tall, etc. mental strength? GODLIKE.

    So in essence, my advice to people that don’t believe in recovery from PFS, etc, is what I’ll leave here as well.


    *** disclaimer (not great for everyone. I’m not a doctor, but I also didn’t have one most of my adulthood, and come from a fam of docs (specialists), etc, I’m doing well, without their help. I’ll get one for school, adhd, etc, but otherwise, nah I’m good.

  55. MNK Avatar

    1000 reps a day, maybe more like 600-1200. pushups, squats, and weights, all fasted. most of the last 22 mo. couldn’t walk jan 18 2018 till say jan 5 2019. much of that say 7mo i was in bed maybe more. i really can’t remember. it was brutal, seeing as tho I’m usually super “hyper”, and I walk 6-7mi a day and exercise daily going back to around puberty. anyways, I probably did 1.1mn plus reps in the last two yrs. kind of too much. taking it easy now.

    again, water fasting can save your life. i was planning on ending it. glad i didn’t. helped a lot of ppl too. got in lots of arguments with haters (ALL over the internet. also real life). so that’s good. it actually is a good sign, bc i’ve been dealing with haters for maybe 20-25 yrs. screw them anyways. do you, everyone else is taken.
    and most people that are haters, hate, because they’re little bitches.

    1. MNK Avatar

      –Screwed up the dates there, I meant was basically bedridden 2017. I was fine March or April (still messed up but 70%(?) better by then).
      –emotionality, sexual health etc was slower to return. but vision, neuro symptoms, activity, food, diet, etc largely but not totally restored from PFS. 2019 I just worked. way better.
      –Anyways messed up the dates above. I wish I could edit.
      –Anyways good luck all. you can reach your fitness goals and more.
      –Happy 2020. Peace out. MNK.

  56. MNK Avatar

    ***Note. if you do go thru such a thing.
    -keep it secret. dont tell ppl you’re fasting one month.
    tell no one.
    -or if you have the money/ go to a fasting clinic.
    -people will get in the way.

    -Also: You probably could take low low dose lithium, or a stimulant (which is not like lithium at all), as per my experiments. But be careful of blood levels. and this is for adv people.

    -and… i had a friend same syndrome (possibly not as bad as me, but pretty bad, he has PTSD, former marine. so i think finasteride and such are v dangerous for people with mood disorders).
    –he and me, both smoked or took nicotine during our first long water fast.
    -results don’t lie, we are like 2/100. maybe 200? out of 70000 who are cured.
    -yes, best water fast ever = nothing, just water.
    –even swim in the sea for electrolytes also.
    –you lose fat .5lb avg person has like 34lb, you can go 68d.
    -that’s pretty drastic. i got work to do, and my family and others would think I’m insane if I did that. BUT I think I’d be 90% cured in 3mo rather than 4-5mo, if I did that. but whatever, take what you can get.

    — for your first fast, keep it simple.
    –im taking black coffee now (no smoking. only smoked bc I was depressed. vaping’s better. not vaping rite now).
    –it helps fat loss.
    –my first long fast with water was for health reasons.
    –there’s no medal for your own efforts. do it for you, not to impress a bunch of douchebags (that likely haven’t gone through anything).

    1. Chris Avatar

      Wow, MNK. Huge congrats on the transformation and turnaround fasting’s helped you make. Thanks for sharing your experience, perspective, and tips. Sounds like your blog could indeed inspire and help a lot of people out there. I’m looking forward to it. Happy 2020 to you too.

  57. MNK Avatar

    Thanks, yeah sorry I was really tired. Fasted only 72hrs, but it was good. No ADHD medicine, hence crazy paragraph structure. Although actually I write better on nothing, with proper sleep. It’s odd, fasting increases focus and sleep but eventually it can make one more scatterbrained. I use it now as a reset. Just trying to stay at 172-178 rather than 185-192lb. Or if I stay higher weight to put on some lean mass and cut some fat. I don’t want to be too too obsessive, but I find it odd that bod pod has shown things like 17% body fat, 18-21% bodyfat and even 12-15% bodyfat (when I was clearly less lean). I don’t think that’s accurate when one has lost over 100lb. I did get an abdominoplasty.

    Again, it’s better to just go by how clothes fit and the mirror. Or the scale. Stick to 1-2 measurements. Also if lifts go up, definition goes up, who cares about the estimated numbers. It did kind of trip me out though considering despite looking 2-3x leaner, and having the surgery and recovering from the medication-caused syndrome… that acc to the test I still had 27-36lb of fat or so. Maybe I’ll use callipers. If I was on some university team or something, I’d get Dexa scan. I think I know what to do to get the last definition and maybe more of a vshape… takes time, no use in rushing it too much. Thx for reading Chris. Happy 2020 to you and your readers as well!

    Note: I got advice about swimming in the ocean and extended water fasting by a guy who is very knowledgable health /natural health advocate. He’s on many forums. As well as other young men going through PFS. Many of us are way better. Most fasted 3-8d if they fasted. Few fasted as long as I did, but even then some people fasted 40d+. There was a very overweight man that underwent medically supervised fasting (with docs and intermittent testing), he fasted like 382days. I think this is the same guy referenced in many online articles. https://pmj.bmj.com/content/49/569/203.short

  58. MNK Avatar

    –Note: 1 more thing that’s pretty important.
    –Vanity Can Kill. –I.e. Medications.
    –Or being too obsessed with results, so slow and steady wins the race.
    –Much like when I first lost most of my bodyfat as a kid, after this syndrome, and major changes up 40lb and down 20-40lb and then staying lean again (leaner than ever) for nearly 2 years.
    –That kind of skews things and you may get used to fast changes, but in general and normal health, that usually doesn’t happen.
    -So take it easy out there, slow and steady wins the race. I hate that phrase so much, but it’s important to remember.

  59. Jaelynn Avatar

    Great writing but unfortunately the words “sh*t” holy h*ll” and other choice words of yours were extremely off putting. I understand you trying to add more weight to what you are writing. Profanity has always reminded me of a kindergartener who is learning words from his peers. Its just plain offensive when one is reading such colorful writing.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Sorry to offend you, Jaelynn. I disagree, but understand where you’re coming from.

      1. Sasha Avatar

        Just for another perspective, I also disagree, and these parts added humor for me. I don’t think curse words are inherently offensive, although umm sure they can be depending on how they’re used. I for one like authentic writing style.

  60. Tanvi Avatar

    Hi there! I’m in the first hour of my first three day fast. It’s a three-day weekend for me, so I really have no distractions, which may not be a good thing, but I’m hoping to use the time to meditate, study, get light exercise, journal, etc., hopefully all made more conducive by fasting! 2020 is my year to transform… I’m at 171 pounds at 5″4, so I want to lose 50-55 pounds in the next year. Hoping that fasting is the way to go! After this three day fast, I will start alternate day fasting. Your articles are really helping a lot and getting me excited to do this! So thank you 🙂

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Tanvi. “Transform.” I like that. Hopefully these next few days get your transformation moving smoothly. All the best!

  61. Jennifer Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for all the thoughtful messages you have taken the time to reply to. It really helps to know there’s a hand to hold mine as I’m struggling through a 3 day fast. I’m on hour 49.
    I work in a French patisserie and am surrounded by fresh baking aromas, butter croissants, delicious savouries, cookies, cakes and endless temptations. My usual MO is to munch all day the broken, damaged or extra treats, and there’s a lot! After 12 years in the industry I’ve put on a pound a year (150 lb now) and now at 60 years old, it’s time for the reckoning. It’s not just about the weight but to cleanse my body to make it last longer. So far no ketonic breath or BM, the worst is that I’m CONSTANTLY hungry, raving temptations are relentless.
    Research helps with understanding fasting but your humanity gives me motivation to make it to 72 hours.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Jennifer. Your situation sounds similar to that of my brother, who has a café with delicious cookies and cakes and leftovers that will otherwise go to waste if he doesn’t eat them. How can you not constantly nibble in such circumstances? Breaking the habit and fighting the temptation can’t possibly be easy. 49 hours is a great start!

      1. Ju Avatar

        I’m enjoying the post and comments! Thanks all for sharing your experiences and tips. It’s a pleasure to see such positive and encouraging attitudes here. I am going to try my first ever fasting, for 3 days, and hoping to get some improvements on the sensations of trapped air in my throat that I have been having for years since I started to gain weight. Does cleansing the stomach help with uncomfortable breathing regarding constant burping? I do hope so! Does anyone have any positive experience with it??

        1. Chris Avatar

          Hey Ju. I’m glad you too have found some value in this post and everyone’s comments. Fasting has helped reduce trapped air on my um… other end, but I’ve never had or heard of the issues you’re having. Hopefully fasting helps, or at least brings other benefits. Let us know how it goes!

  62. Fuad Avatar

    I did 5-days fasting at age 23, perhaps 30 years ago, and I haven’t read any article nor book before that. You have to drink a lot of lightly salted water, only salted water. Only the you can expect constant energy and even bowel movements, daily, I had it till day 4, two-three times a day! And I finished fasting by accident, non-planned, almost at the end of day 5, my friends were going to cinema in Winter, minus 30 Celsius outside, I was afraid my weak body can catch cold and I ate ice-cream before joining them 🙂

    Now, I found your article because I want to do few days fasting again.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Fuad. You still remember your bowel movements from a fast you did 30 years ago?! Those must have been epic… And then you broke it with ice cream before venturing out into the freezing cold. That’s funny.
      I wish you the best with your upcoming fast!

  63. Anupriya Avatar

    You are a darn good writer! Imma doing the fast today alright but I must say your comical write-up certainly makes me look more forward to this!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Aw shucks, thanks Anupriya. You’re darn good at writing motivating comments. I appreciate it.

  64. Phil Avatar

    Interesting article and posts. I am excerpting (“borrowing”) some of the posts/responses which I may use in a book I’m working on (diet related, emphasis on fasting). Fasting is the only TRUE “paleo diet”, which is probably why it works as well as it does. There are some common themes presented in these posts that serve to support some of my own theories regarding fasting, and nothing is as valuable as people’s experiences, especially when they’re offered in such a spontaneous fashion (which makes them more credible).
    As for myself, I’m already at the low normal end of BMI so I do fasting because it’s healthy! There are other reasons — but I think you’ll have to wait for the book to see those.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Phil. I totally agree with you on the power of a story to change someone’s mind and motivate them. Kim and I are actually investigating this for our next Unconventional Monthly.
      Let us know when your book’s out. We’re curious to read some of your theories. Also, if you disagree with anything from any of our posts, please point it out for all of our benefit. Happy publishing!

  65. Alex Avatar

    Nice to share your experience. I did fasting 2 times. The 2nd time included a strict plan, it gave much better results. As follows:
    -7 days preparation: no added sugar, gluten, alcohol, coffee, meats/fish/eggs (only raw fruits and vegetables on the last 3 days).
    -7 days fasting. Only water.
    -7 days in reverse way.
    I would rather progressively adapt my food intake, avoiding “Toblerone and cocktail” the night before but still, glad you also had a positive experience

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks Alex. Yeah, Toblerone and cocktail is certainly not the ideal pre-fast combo. But it worked for me. I wonder how much different it would have been had I followed a similarly strict plan to yours. What do you mean by it gave you better results?

  66. Ian Avatar

    Hi Chris. Like a lot of people who comment on here, I too was researching ‘fasting’ and ended up on your blog. I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes reading through the posts back from 2018 and I must say there is some good stuff in here and also some inspiring stories. I intend to start a 3 day fast tomorrow drinking mainly water but also the odd black coffee/tea if things get tough. Wish me luck and I’ll report back my results.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Ian. I’m glad you found The Unconventional Route and found some stories to inspire you to give a 3-day fast a go. Here’s hoping it goes well so you report back with more inspiration for the rest of us! (And if not, that’s fine too. It helps to get balanced perspectives.) I wish you luck!

  67. Alicia Avatar

    I have been reading this throughout my workday. Your original post and the replies have truly been an encouragement. I have bounced from a normal diet, to plant-based, vegetarianism, pescatarian…rinse, repeat. Pescatarianism is what has stuck with me and where I’ve stationed myself for 3 years. Yesterday, 2 of my girlfriends and I began a 3 day water fast…and then there were 2, ha! I agree with everyone else who said Day 1 is pretty swell. I drank my lemon water with every thought and feeling I had, and it sufficed and I slept amazingly. Today hasn’t been so easy. I feel a bit light-headed, have a small headache, I have little to no energy, and I don’t have the sunshine-y disposition that others have by Day 2. I keep trying to find 25 million excuses of why I should fold on Day 2. But I won’t. Thanks for this blog. It has encouraged me to finish this 72. 🙂

    1. Anthony Avatar

      I started my fast Sunday evening at 8pm. 4/25/20. First 2 days were very tough to not eat. Especially with my coworkers during lunch or being home while my wife cooked. Hunger pains only hit hard the first day. Today is Wednesday and im in my final 10hrs. I dont have the hunger pains but still feel hungry. I did have BMs daily although not much came out as my usual eating day. I normally go 2-3 times a day. I dont eat great but try to stay in decent shape. I think what ive noticed the most is the energy i had day one and most of 2. Not mentally tired but not wanting to be physically active either. Ive kept up on my water intake through the day. Start morning with black coffee. Sleepytime tea last night definitely worked alot stronger than normal. I was hoping to relieve the foginess i feel at times. But today on last day feels almost little more than normal. Hopefully it does everything on the inside at cellular level as well. Time will only tell on that part. I did dp few small tests. Breathing seems to be easier. Holding my breathe certainly is to my surprise. I didnt record my weight as that was not my goal. Im usually around 185-190 lbs depending on the workout and activity level. Which is fine i want to gain more once i can go to gym regularly again. The fast wasnt easy as ive read with hunger subsiding and cravings. So for me ill probably go to one 24hr day a week fast to upkeep my gut and body.

      1. Chris Avatar

        Thanks for the summary, Anthony. Too bad your fast wasn’t as easy as others’, but I’m glad to hear you plan on continuing to tinker. Could part of the extra challenge for you maybe have been that you, as you day, “don’t eat great”? If mental clarity’s what you’re looking for, cleaning out junky processed foods may help a lot.
        p.s. Interesting observation that your Sleepytime tea seemed extra effective. I’ll have to try that next time.

    2. Chris Avatar

      Hey Alicia. Thanks for the positive vibes despite your not-so-positive feelings on Day 2. Hopefully Day 3 ended on a high note for you!

  68. Violet Avatar

    Hi, I was reading through all this most of last night and I found it helped reading of others doing the fast and the positives they had, it’s made me feel stronger going forward with mine. I’m currently doing a 72 hour water fast, just water that’s it. I’m just over 45 hours now and I’m feeling a bit tired, I do feel quite relaxed too though. The first day has been the most difficult so far, it was the last time I did one too. Today has been better, I had quite a bit of energy earlier today which was nice and I felt quite bright too. I didn’t wake up with any hunger pains this morning, it’s mainly when I’m cooking my sons meals that I start to feel really hungry. I’ve escaped upstairs just now to try and get away from the smell of the food. I was thinking about maybe going on to a 5 day fast but this is only the second one I’ve done and the last one was a few years ago now. I’ll see how I feel at 72 hours.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Violet. Good on you for powering through a water-only fast in spite of the temptations and challenges that come with having to cook for your kids! I chuckled at your “escaping” upstairs to get away from the smell of food. It had me wondering, half seriously, whether nose plugs would help. Hopefully your 72, or more, hours went well!

  69. Not "Bob - the don't you dare drink coffee" dude Avatar
    Not "Bob - the don't you dare drink coffee" dude

    Ha, ha!
    the “shit” thing.
    I gotta say…it worked.
    broke my 80 hr fast today and soon after my first meal, had to hit the commode for some “10 lb BM’s”
    2 of them.
    But I feel great!
    So great, that I think I’ll do it again.
    Thank you for a very entertaining article, Chris.
    And your visitors’ comments were fun to read too.

    1. Chris Avatar

      10lbs! Way to go, Not Bob. I have sometimes wished there was a scale in my toilet that actually measured such things.

      Congrats on a successful fast. And continued success with more in the future.

  70. JR Avatar

    Hello! I’m starting tomorrow and was wondering how often you do bone broth? Any tips on how often to drink water? Super excited!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hello JR! Try a cup, maybe two, of bone broth as a treat toward the end of the day. For water, drink when you’re thirsty or hungry. Watch out for over-drinking. Your pee should be normal-colored. If it’s clear, slow down. If it’s a dark yellow sludge, drink more. Check out my water fasting tips for more.
      All the best with your fast!

  71. Gavin Avatar

    I just came across this and thought I’d share my fasting experiences.

    I started out by skipping food for a day every now and then. Then I extended to 2 days before the final push to three days, except it wasn’t the final push. I now fast for 4 days, no food and water only. I get through it OK. Here is what I found:

    Day 2 (if I’m not focused on a task) is always a challenging day for occasional hunger prangs, every time you have one, drink some water.
    My breath…..yuk. Seem to have bad breath during fasts despite cleaning and mouthwash every morning and night.
    I cardio exercise during my fast but didn’t when I first started, work into it…
    If you can do 3 days, say Monday to Wednesday and break it on Thursday, why not push it one day further and break Friday morning. The health benefits are well worth it.

    Good Luck!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks Gavin!

      Bad breath, a.k.a. keto breath, is often a problem for me, too. Lemon water or even chewing on some mint leaves helps a bit. Anyone else found effective treatments?

  72. Sasha Avatar

    I am on Day 2. I’ve fasted before but it’s been YEARS since I’ve done a serious one. I woke up feeling great, felt great all afternoon, until I drank some herbal “Get Charged” tea which I have all the time normally. It made me feel light-headed, and almost nauseous. Apparently the herbal stimulants in it are too much for my body when fasting.
    Just took a nap to compensate & going to drink some coconut water for electrolytes if feel I still feel weird, I’ll try bone broth, but I was trying for pure water only.

    Day 1 was fine… I felt a little dreamy & spacey. Sort of like a mild high. A little out of it but not unpleasant, very relaxed. I struggled in the 6-10pm range, but I think that was more mental bc it was after I was home from work & that’s when we usually start talking about what we’re going to have for dinner, cooking, etc. I realized meal planning, discussion about meals, snacking, cooking, clean-up, maybe dessert….takes up a big part of my evening! So I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Then my husband made hot wings and Mac & cheese haha. But I agree with you, I didn’t really feel hungry for it. I knew it would taste good, but I know that’s not what I want rn. In a weird way, I found I was able to enjoy the aroma of food in a way that was totally separate from wanting to eat it.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Sasha. Thanks for sharing your experience of getting back on the fasting wagon after a long time.
      I like your observation on aroma. I hadn’t thought of it, but agree. Could it be that when fasting our sense of smell increases? Maybe as a survival mechanism?

  73. Ifoodnfitness Avatar

    This is literally the first blog post I’ve read completely in a while! I’m also thinking about a 3 day fasting idk if I can pull it off or not as I’m a big time foodie but hey thanks for sharing this experience and I’m also signing up for the email newsletter! I hope will get ton of value there too! One question though! What if I start to feel hungry during the fasting period? What do I do then?

    1. Phod01 Avatar

      I literally just finished a 3 day fast. It was probably the second hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

      Expect headaches and fatigue throughout the first two days. The third day I didn’t have as many headaches and had a good amount of energy but I wanted to eat so badly.

      It’s really tough but it was a good experience overall and I’m sure it healed my body in all sorts of ways.
      I’d suggest trying it but don’t expect to be able to do anything that requires a lot of effort.

      1. Chris Avatar

        Hi Phod01. Wow, good on you for being able to power through. I wonder why your experience was so much more challenging than mine? Maybe because of your diet going in? In any case, I’m glad to hear you felt it was worth the effort. And thanks for sharing your experience to provide balanced expectations to fellow potential fasters.

  74. Chris Avatar

    Thanks Syed, for your comment. You have a food and nutrition blog (keep up the good work, btw), so I’m surprised you haven’t read a complete blog post in a long time and have yet to try fasting! All the best with it. If you feel hungry, drink some water spiced with cinnamon or cayenne. Or even have some bone broth.

  75. Syed Fuzail Irshad Avatar
    Syed Fuzail Irshad

    Hey Chris! I’ve tried intermittent fasting many times but not a whole day fast or a 3 day fast!
    Well I started a food and nutrition blog but then due to lack of traffic just started reading digital marketing blogs and stopped the health and fitness ones I know it’s kinda silly but now getting back on track

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Syed. I remember how it feels from the early days of not getting traffic. Maybe learning about digital marketing might help with your health and fitness blog? Anyway, whole different topic for a whole different post. All the best breaking the 1-day barrier!

  76. Devin Avatar

    I found this article when looking to see the health risks and danger of what I was doing. While this article alone didn’t help in that aspect it did help in the sense that allot of what I’ve been feeling is similar to yours. I don’t exercise so a lot of the fatigue and other negatives you shared are unrelatable. But the most of your other experience are. I have recently had to start a eating habits of 1 small meal a day and then two days no food out of necessity. Not for weight reasons but largely to to a growing pickyness and lack of cooking skills or homemade meals. This is about week 3 of that kind of habit and much like how you said you felt , I feel not only very focused but determined to better myself even if it means limuted or no “luxury ” activitys, as the drive for improvement brings more joy. Though I do have a brief question, being how I might be unable to get that book as of now, do you know of any major health concerns with what I am currently doing. Also some additional info that might better help you answer it is my one meal would be between 350-800 cal. And I have lost about 20 lbs since I last weighed two months prior. Thank you

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Devin. I like how you put, “the drive for improvement brings more joy.” I’m going to steal that for the blog!
      On health concerns about your eating schedule: I’m no doctor, so you best consult with one, but clearly you can’t live on 350-800 cal every few days forever. But for a couple weeks, even months depending on your baseline, it might help you. What those 350-800 cal consist of also matters. You already know this, though. Be careful to listen to your body.
      And maybe be careful with your increased pickiness. Since you have the self-improvement drive, you might like an experiment that worked for me, where I taught myself to acquire the taste of a food I never liked (black licorice). You could do it with a healthier food, too. Here’s the post with tips I learned and researched on acquiring tastes.

  77. Cher Avatar

    Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your posts on fasting, I’ve read almost all of them…including most of the comments!!

    I’m currently in a quarantine hotel in Shanghai after spending almost 8 months on a working remotely semi-vacation mode, which led to packing a few pounds on. I’m not overweight but would like to lose some fat to feel like my best self and this “paid solo retreat”/mandated quarantine was the perfect time for me to experiment/dabble with water fasting!!

    Your posts help a lot and are huge motivators to keep going. I’ve done juice cleanses before, but this is the first time water fasting and doing it while not having to go anywhere!

    I’m on 41 hours of a hopefully 72 hr fast. I felt serious hunger pangs on the first day but drinking green tea helped. I woke up today on the second day after just 5 hrs of sleep feeling mentally super clear and energetic, I was able to meditate for 5 minutes, do a headstand for 5 minutes, accomplish a lot of computer work..but definitely felt colder than usual!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Cher. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad my posts and others’ comments have been helpful to you so far. Seems like your experience has been pretty “conventional” so far, which is good, except…

      …a 5-minute headstand?! I do headstands and handstands regularly, but never thought of holding one that long. Kind of like extended fasts for most people, I guess. Kim and I are amazed. You’ve inspired us to try. Thanks, Cher!

  78. Cher Avatar

    I also attempted a salt water flush morning of day 2, but it’s been 4 hours almost and no BM. Maybe b/c I used seasalt w/ iodine or didn’t drink enough water…hmm or maybe b/c my body needed those minerals. I’ve read lots of comments on whether or not to drink coffee and I’m gonna stay off it since I do get jittery sometimes when I drink on an empty stomach not fasting.

    Anyways, all this is to say I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel 3 days in and if there will be the big detox!! haha the best part is doing this alone in a room with absolutely no temptations/obligations to be anywhere!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Cher. You’re doing a 3-day fast alone in a room?! Interesting strategy. You say it’s the best part, so it seems to be working for you. Great. All the best with the remaining days/hours!


    Yesterday at 5:30 pm my fasting began. Was only going to do a 24 hour fast, but I think I will attempt a 60 hour fast and end whenever I wake up Saturday morning. I have my Swanson’s Bone Broth, electrolytes with Himalayan Pink Salt, lots of tea, black coffee and water all ready to begin this experience. Pretty excited. I will say from all that I have read I will limit working out to just walking, yoga and pilates. I definitely don’t want to burn out. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Way to go, Christa! Sounds like you’re WAY more prepared than I was. Have a good one!

  80. Jennifer from Ny Avatar
    Jennifer from Ny

    Thanks for the cool article and the hilarious responses to some of the comments. I read your article and the comments from users in its entirety and I am deciding on a pure only water cleanse the first time I try this. The next time I will do only herbal non-caffeinated teas and see what comes about with each. I was recommended a water detox by a friend who does it twice a year and benefits immensely from it. I am trying to reboot my immune system, try to get rid of eczema and also figure out what my body is intolerant to. I’m hoping I don’t drop too much weight considering I am weighing in at a rough 116 pounds soaking wet. But I am doing this after Thanksgiving day (today) and on a weekend so I’ll be lounging around meditating and staring at the walls. Wish me luck. 🙂

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for calling the article cool and some of the responses hilarious! Wishing you luck! …And hopefully more than just walls to stare at. Maybe some Magic Eye images or something.

  81. Rose Avatar

    Hi Chris. I did the 3 day fast with only consuming water and felt great. Full of energy, Very focused, my stomach wasn’t bloated at all. I know what you mean when you said you felt high. I did several times too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Rose. Thanks for sharing, too! Did you do any vigorous exercise? I’m wondering if taking it easy makes water-only (and no salt) extended fasts easier, with less light-headedness like I experienced.

  82. Mindy Avatar

    I’m currently on the morning of day 3. I feel nauseous and actually burped a little and tasted acid. Yuck! Came close to eating a banana twice. But reading your experience is just what I needed to finish strong.
    Ps my husband also said my breath smells like something died inside me. Ha!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Yikes! You make it to the end, Mindy? Hope so. And hopefully you can identify and prevent whatever’s causing the nausea in future fasts.

  83. Tom Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Just tried a 48 hour water only fast and woke up at 36 hours with my heart racing and feeling light-headed. As much as I don’t like quitting, I broke the fast and ate something and am feeling better. I then discovered your page and Dr Fung with the advice about electrolytes and bone broth.
    My question is, have you ever experienced this? Is this ketosis or more likely an electrolyte imbalance you reckon? Not sure what either feels like to be honest.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Tom, Sounds like you made the wise move quitting. I’ve never experienced a racing heart like you describe and 36 hours sounds too early for ketosis unless you were eating keto before starting your fast. Even if it’s not due to electrolytes, I bet that’d help next time as it’d be less of a shock to your body. Let us know how it goes!

  84. Merel Avatar

    Hi, Chris! I started my first-time attempt at a 72-hour (3 days) fast just a couple of days ago (right after carbo-loading). I only had coffee or tea with stevia and plain water during the fast. I’m nearing the 72-hour mark and I’d like some experience-based (preferably also evidence-based) advice on how to break my fast safely.

    I’m planning to do this on my fast-break day: Boil chicken breast with some spices (ground pepper, onions, garlic, and ginger) and salt. Drink the broth to break the fast gently. Wait 30 minutes, then eat the chicken breast. I’ll eat only this on that day . Will this work? Can I eat anything else along with the chicken for as long as the total calories are 50% of my usual? Do I need to eat another meal a few hours after the chicken?

    For the next day (i.e., 20 hours after my chicken meal above), I plan to resume my normal routine: 2 eggs for first meal, then my usual LCHF food for second meal 4 hours after. Will this also work? Or, do I need to eat less still, as on the day I break my fast?

    I’m worried about the reported claims of refeeding syndrome, stomach pains, nausea and vomiting, etc. happening to people who fasted for 3 days or more, that’s why I’m asking.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Merel. I guess by now you’ve already broken your fast. How’d it go? Your low-carb, easy-does-it approach to refeeding sounds good. Where do you get this 50% of usual calories stat from? I’d add in some veggies and maybe some fermented foods to the menu.

      1. Merel Avatar

        Hey, Chris! My breakfast went well, I suppose. I broke my fast with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water, waited 30 minutes, then drank about a cup of the broth from the chicken soup that I cooked. Half an hour after having the soup, I pooped all liquid. Then, an hour after the broth, I ate a small meal consisting of the chicken meat and veggies from the soup, tomato salad with olive oil, and half a handful of peanuts. That was all for my breakfast day. I did not experience any stomach discomfort or anything, except for the watery poop. The next day, I ate my usual amount of food (I am on a low-carb high healthy fat diet) and did not experience any adverse reaction, thankfully.

        Regarding the 50% of usual calories, I remember hearing about it from a YouTube video. I can’t remember the channel or creator name.

        1. Michelle Avatar

          I stumbled onto this site after deciding to do a 24 hour fast and I’m encouraged. Instead I’m going to do 3 days and the thing I noticed now on day 2 is what feels like yeast on the tongue /throat. Any input/comments about that? Ps-love the tone and responses especially to and about bob.

          1. Chris Avatar

            Thanks Michelle! Is the “yeast” white? If so, that’s to be expected. I get the same every time I fast. At some point, I remember reading it’s dead bacteria, but I didn’t look into whether that’s true or not. With it typically comes bad breath (i.e. Keto breath). Have you experienced that too? It goes away after your fast. Sorry, but I don’t know how to get rid of it during your fast. Maybe someone else reading this does?

  85. Melanie Avatar

    I can honestly say I love this blog. Definitely has helped reading someone else’s experience. I have been fasting on and off for the past two years and have attempted a few extended fasts. I can easily get past Day 1, no big deal. Day 2 starts out without an issue. However, around 40 hours is when I get HUNGRY. I can work through it for the most part, but I also end up having an issue when going to the bathroom. #2 comes out as virtually liquid with a couple small turds here and there. Is this normal? The longest fast I’ve been able to do so far (last week) was 62 hours. I was feeling super light-headed and just knew I needed to break my fast. I’m at 23 hours fasted right now, hoping to get through the 72 hours. Any tips to help me get past that final hurdle? Thanks

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for the love, Melanie! Try a cup of bone broth every 24h. It’s not “pure” fasting, but makes a huge difference in my experience.

      1. Melanie Avatar

        That is exactly what I did! Thank you. I was able to complete the 72 hour fast without issue. In fact, I haven’t felt any hunger since breaking the fast with an exception of about 17 hours until my next 3-day fast (completing 1 3-day every 2 weeks). And I’m now 50 hrs into my 3-day fast now and the bowel movement issue isn’t happening this time around. So, I’m assuming that will change the more often I do it. thank you so much for writing this!

        1. Chris Avatar

          Awesome! Thanks for your update, which enourages others in similar situations to try the same.

  86. Steve Avatar

    More useful than what you weighed at the end of the 3 day fast would be what you weighed 3-5 days AFTER finishing the fast, when you’ve regained all the water weight.

    1. Chris Avatar

      True. And even more useful would be to do a DEXA scan.

  87. H. Lundstrom Avatar
    H. Lundstrom

    Just going to chime in for a bit. Bobba ain’t wrong – if you’re really gonna fast, your body should get a break from practically everything. Of course, the only good fast is the one that actually gets fasted through to the end, so you gotta leave some room for individual requirements. That besides, coffee and green tea are healthy beverages, if consumed within sensible limits. But I really wouldn’t recommend more than two cups of coffee a day, ’cause it’s just too much caff, man.

    Autophagy-wise, it will depend on what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. Generally, our bodies are used to getting too much, too often, and are mostly in “anabolic” mode. Don’t forget that digestion takes a while, and certainly a respectable amount of calories are released while the food travels through the small intestine. And possibly even appreciable amounts in the large intestine. So a 24-48 hour waiting time is realistic for most people on the civilization diet.

    Water seems to be really important, and this is also where tha caff comes into play again. Probably it’s in Doctor Fungus’ book anyway, but look. When you don’t eat nothing, your body burns carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates (sugar) were dissolved in water. Losing those carbs means the body doesn’t need the water anymore – and out it goes. With that water you may lose electrolytes, which leads to problems with dizziness, headache – you know the drill. So I really recommend to get enough salt for the first few days, since that may save you most of the trouble. Coffee/green tea also cause your body to spill water, so they may be counter-productive. As will be anything you do that makes you sweat.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Aside from the uncalled-for shot at Dr. Fung(-us)—Dr. Fungi would’ve been more charitable—all your points are super reasonable. Thanks H. Lundstrom.

      1. Laura Avatar

        I loved reading all the comments, currently on hr. # 43. Not hungry.
        I constantly pick on food so, for me, it’s really hard. I’ve been putting a few grains of salt in my mouth, to curb the cravings.


        Laura P.

        1. Chris Avatar

          You’re just putting grains directly in your mouth? That’s one I hadn’t heard before. But, hey, if it works, great! Nice work, Laura!

  88. Agnes Avatar

    Don’t know If the author is still replying to comments but I’d love to chime in and read your takes. I’ve been fasting once or twice a year for the past 5 years in Germany. I like it because they have a century-old tradition, with clinics that some doctors actually write prescriptions for. What they call fasting there is basically a 300-500 calories a day diet. A glass of carrot juice in the morning, a light vegetable broth at lunch and herbal tea in the evening. No coffee, 2 liters of water and 20 minutes of light exercise (walking or gym bike) a day. The equivalent of two teaspoons of honey is accepted every 24 hours if you feel lightheaded. These type of fast are minimum 10 days, and maximum 3 weeks. Re-feeding is done over 2-3 days, the first day consisting in thick vegetable soup, then moving on to steamed vegetables, and fruits last. I usually spend my days there sleeping, reading and contemplating life. This in itself feels already pretty extreme and I get all the benefits without going through the torture of drinking only water. I usually lose around 7 kilos over 21 days and come home incredibly calm and upbeat. The effects last for as long as I stay away from junk food… which isn’t really a staple in my diet anyway.
    Could it be that the obsession for « pure » fasting or beast mode exercice is a very cultural thing?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hi Agnes. Thanks for sharing this German tradition. How interesting. You say you “come home incredibly calm and upbeat.” So you stay at some clinic/retreat the whole time?
      As for pure fasting, some evidence seems to indicate that autophagy only occurs under these strict circumstances. And others prefer this black and white approach. But if you read into Valter Longo’s research, you’ll see he has quite a bit of evidence backing a German-style 500 calorie or less per day style fast.

  89. Devon Avatar

    Beginning my first 24 hour fast tonight 🙂
    Very nervous but excited to see how much clearer my body feels internally.

    Thank you for all the feedback you’re sharing.

    It’s really encouraging!


    1. Chris Avatar

      Happy fasting, Devon. Whatever happens, those 24 hours will be more memorable than the 24 hours prior, right?

  90. Ian H Avatar
    Ian H

    I’m 60 and overweight but otherwise healthy, 72 hours in to my first fast and feeling so good I think I’ll go another 24. Unlike most commenting here second day was great for me. During that first day I walked up a small mountain which must have used a lot of energy and I think that helped get me into ketosis quickly. It is that uncomfortable in between state that sucks the most. I would recommend others consider doing something similar to start their fasts. My only worry is that it is too easy. Knowing when to stop might be my biggest problem.

  91. Elisa Avatar

    Wow, you make it sound exciting to have a three-day fast! Much like turning into a superhero. But respect to you for such a great achievement. I never considered a three-day fast, but I’m tempted now to be honest. Like so many in the comments, I already did a few 24 hours fasts or the famous intermittent fasting methods with only a small window of eating. Maybe I will try a longer fast soon. Did you experience some long-term benefits after the three days? I am quite curious about your reply. And how did you track your achievement? Such as your weight, for example. For intermittent fasting, I am using Yazio to track the time and my weight – even though I know a fast should not be about merely losing weight (https://www.yazio.com/en). Have you checked out any other apps for fasting so far? Great article overall and thanks for sharing! Cheers

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Elisa! The only fasting app I’ve heard of is called Zero. Never tried it though. As for long-term benefits, I suppose my 90-year-old future self will be the best judge. As far as 36-year-old me’s concerned, the biggest benefits of fasting I’ve felt have been never feeling hungry and metabolic flexibility. I shared more benefits from my experience on my post on Why Fast? The Pros and Cons of Prolonged Fasting.

  92. Jerard Avatar

    I just came across this site on this morning after completing my first 72 Hour water fast. A little background on me, I recently completed a round of immunotherapy to beat back Blood Cancer and was looking for something to help cleanse the body. I was in a trial and was lucky enough to come out the end of it in complete remission. Two months out, feeling awesome and returning to normal life I wanted more. I started my fast on a Thursday night after a day of Skiing and a healthy dinner. First day was a piece of cake, went through without a hitch. I drank only water and lots of it. Hunger feeling was a 4 of 10. The first night I had a peaceful sleep and when I woke up the scale said I was 3 pounds lighter and my stomach felt smaller. Day 2 I had basically water the entire day. That afternoon when on a conference call I was amazed how clear minded I was. Usually my eyes would glaze over or my mind would wander on these things. Around my normal dinner time I felt like I need to taste something, so I brewed a cup of green tea and that satisfied my desire. Later while watching a movie on TV, my wife said I looked like I had a slight sunburn, I felt flush and my heartrate rose. Ketosis I had finally achieved! That night it was a little difficult to get to sleep but once there it was restful sleep. 5am on Day 3 I woke up at 5 AM clear headed and ready for action. I again began the day with a cup of green tea then nothing but water until dinner time. Hunger during the day was 5/10. I did take a one of my dogs on a 4 mile walk to get my mind off the fast and get the juices flowing. Around 3 pm my mind starting focusing on the fast breaking meal and the time dragged on. 6pm Fast Breaking time, First I had a warm cup of Beef Bone broth, followed one half hour later with a cup of yogurt to reintroduce some bacteria fauna into my gut. I waited another half hour then had a salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, Italian seasoning, salt and olive oil and all were tolerated well. I am now going right into a 16/8 meal plan and will not eat until 12pm today. My experience was rather easier than I thought it would be. I believe this is going to become a monthly ritual along with my new eating schedule. By the way, 10 pounds were shed during this fast and I look forward to see what the coming months bring.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Awesome, Jerard. Thanks for sharing your own story. I especially liked the, I dunno irony, of how you wrote the first day was “a piece of cake.” All the best with your new eating regime.

  93. Bobby Kuhn Avatar
    Bobby Kuhn

    I know this is an old post, but it looks like you are still with it.
    I am on day 3 of my 3 day fast. Like you, even if Bob Barker disagrees, I am strength training to build muscle. I am using a machine called a Tonal, but today I moved 12,000 pounds and it kicked my but.
    I have done several of these over the years, but this is the first time with strength training. This time I have incorporated high protein shacks, about 140 calories each, to help ensure the lifting has some protein to use.
    Anyway, I enjoyed the article and figured I would give you a shout out.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks, Bobby! How’d your experience differ with the protein?

      1. Cecilia Avatar

        Hello Chris

        Although this is an old post, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it including all the various comments.

        Just wanna to say thank you. It renews my faith to incorporate fasting as my future lifestyle.

        1. Chris Avatar

          Thanks for the thanks, Cecilia. Happy fasting!

  94. Neff Avatar

    Hey Chris,

    I’ve always wanted to try fasting – mainly for the ketosis/autophagy benefits. Your post inspired me to go ahead with it. I was pretty low-energy and “out of it” for the first 2 days – I felt fine once I hit the 60 hour mark though.

    My biggest takeaways were: (1) I never realized how much “energy” I spend on food, and what a powerful hold it has on me!

    Maybe 80% of my “hunger” during the fast was psychological – missing food and wanting to eat.

    (2) Not having to worry about eating all the time freed me up to do other things – like read a couple books I’d been meaning to (I finally sat down with “Dopamine Nation”, one of the books you recommended)

    (3) Having my energy limited by the fast made me seriously consider how and where I use it, something that persists after the fast.

    (4) I don’t have to be a slave to my hunger – I’d been intermittent fasting before the 3-day, and hunger had always bothered me, but now I see that it has no actual power, it’s just a feeling that goes away if you ignore it long enough.

    I’ve been inspired to be more healthy and conscientious around my eating habits – to eat on my terms, and to use fasting regularly as a tool to permanently break the hold food had over me – thank you!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hey Neff, Thanks for your awesome comment. I hadn’t considered your point (3), but that’s a interesting insight. I’ll think about it next time I fast. Welcome to the club!

  95. Leah Avatar

    I’m on day three and I have 7 hours till I hit the 72 hour mark. I too woke up earlier than usual, but it was to throw up. It’s from what I understand as dehydration. It was green but I felt better immediately after. I’m also not hungry which is weird, but I’m still excited to eat! 🙂 my stomach is flat and I’ve dropped around 5 pounds. It’s so weird to see a foreign number on the scale. I didn’t do this for weight though, I’m fasting for my cousins and brother who aren’t saved. I’m worried sick for them and other people had amazing testimonies after fasting for their loved ones. Normally I’m weak when I fast and don’t stick with God, but this time I asked for strength and was able to go around like normal! I just keep praising God and I don’t take my mind off Him.

    1. Leah Avatar

      I forgot to mention I ate one meal a day to prepare for this fast.

  96. Vikki Avatar

    I love how this post has active comments spanning years! It’s 5/1/22 and I decided to just jump into a fast on morning of 4/22/22, so I’m on day 10 water only with the occasional lick of salt or potassium salt. Goal is both mental and physical reset. Was having so much knee pain I couldn’t put walk on it. I decided let’s see if fasting will help it and yes it did but if I walk on it too much it still hurts of course. Not healed but better. I’m rather impulsive, and though I don’t recommend jumping into a fast without planning, that’s exactly what I did. Have done a 3 day fast and a 7 day fast in the past. It’s been rough but good. I feel accomplished in making a frisco burger for hubby and not eating any and being in car while hubby gets fast food and fills it with yummy smells. I’ve been going so far as to deeply inhale delicious foods and see where my brain goes about not eating it – I’ve decided I’m not eating that right now because I’ve put my body into a healing mode and that food doesn’t work for me when I’m in healing mode. So after the fast I could look at something like chips and dip and say I’ve put my body into regeneration mode and eating chips and dip doesn’t work while I’m regenerating, or whatever words I pick. I’m also practicing saying no thanks – that ice cream is packaged and designed to be hard to resist and make other people a lot of money rather than make me healthy and I’d rather be healthy. I’ve always impulsively said yes to most foods most times. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to practice picking up foods and saying no thanks I’m better without it. Physically it’s been rough. I still have hunger pain and stomach growls even after 10 days. Lucky me I guess. But the fatigue has been the toughest. Starting the fast without prep might be the cause. I’ve been tired up until I finally had energy and mental clarity on day 9. I did see the mental clarity start shifting before day 9 – I found it easier to find words that used to escape me more often. In my 50s and was feeling like I’m 70. Planning to continue fasting until I get a signal (not stomach growls or fatigue) to stop or if I get negative results from doc. Planning to see doc between day 15-20 if I make it that long – just to make sure he doesn’t see any reason in my bloodwork or exam to stop fasting. I’ve got at over 50 excess pounds so I’m not concerned about running out of fuel! Will also say I’ve had the crazy bm on day 6 and again on 10 – not much but definitely unique. Maybe I should have scheduled a colonoscopy before I stop fasting! Anyway, love your writing topics and style. Oh- and another thing that happened during fast so far – my emotional shift. I found myself smiling more. Just happy. At night as I laid down to sleep, smiling. Sitting down with a glass of water, smiling. That’s been really nice. And I’m smiling right now.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Vikki, and for virtually spreading your smile over to me!

  97. Wayne Avatar

    Thank you for posting this and how it went for you. I have been debating on fasting or not, but I know this is something I can do now. I have been overweight for most of my life and have tried to drop weight over the years to no avail. This time is different, though. My stepson enlisted to become a Marine. He would be gone for 13 weeks at recruit training in boot camp. This would be my motivation to drop weight and show him that I can do something about this while he is going through some of the most difficult situations and training in his life. He has been gone 10 weeks and I am down 50 lbs during that time…but I am not done yet. Tomorrow his platoon starts the final challenge of recruit training known as the Crucible. It is 54 hours of physical, mental and moral training. This is the reason why I want to fast. I want to fast for 54 hours while he is enduring this final test to become a Marine. Me not eating for 54 hours is nothing compared to what he and his platoon have to go through. Reading many of the posts and comments has eased my mind and will go into this fasting period with much more confidence. Thank you to all who have shared.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Amazing, Wayne! Sounds like your stepson’s in for a surprise when he sees you again. All the best to you both. Thanks for sharing.

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  100. Bhadra Avatar

    Love this, and so good reading all the feedback. I’m day 1 of my very first 3 day fast, I’ve done 24 hour ones in the past many years ago so I feel like I’m pushing myself here. It’s spring in Australia so I figured best time to achieve one. I’m only drinking water and herbal teas as I can’t stand black coffee lol. I’m doing this for many reasons, 1 is to help kick-start weight loss, another is to help my digestion system, plus I’m keen for all the regenerative properties that comes with fasting. I eventually want to be able to handle a 7 day fast, I just don’t want to jump straight to extreme.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Way to go, Bhadra! I suppose you’re finished and back to eating now. Hopefully your 3-day fast went well!

  101. Suzanne Lelanc Avatar
    Suzanne Lelanc

    Hi! Thanks for your experiece, I’m 69 hrs. in on my first water fast, I have been intermittent fasting almost everyday since 4 years, 18-20 hrs. not on purpose it just naturally happens that way since I started eating a whole foods plant-based way four years ago. I’m not having any negative effects probably for that reason, maybe my body got used to fasting. I don’t know how long I’ll, I feel great, at first I thought 48 hrs. Wasn’t sure if I could, then 72 hrs. Now not sure, feel like continuing.

    1. Chris Avatar

      All right, Suzanne! Keep the good times rolling!

  102. youssef Avatar

    thanks for the information

  103. Jeanette Avatar

    I need to comment on this but understand that I am not being negative.

    First, I was confused bc the writer said he had done several 24 hour fasts but then commented on the unusual feeling of going a day without food. I wasn’t sure how to interpret that information

    More important to me were the drug references. I take Adderal for ADHD and it not a “high.” It is sense of normal calm. There’s no
    Pleasurable reward or “high” as you referred to. It made me feel like the writer was familiar with recreational or unprescribed use of Adderal. This kind of misuse puts a stigma on people who actually benefit from the medication and are prescribed after very rigorous analysis. Adderal is not a medication to be toyed with or taken lightly. I am not even one to comment on adverts like this but this should be maybe shared.

    There were other comments about feeling high…I think it dangerous to possibly turn people with addiction problems towards another form of addiction by way of fasting. I have a friend who has replaced drinking with a very unhealthy workout routine.

    Again. I don’t mean to be negative and I’m not trolling. I don’t really know much about trolling but please use caution when talking about highs and especially a powerful drug like Adderal that is not to be taken lightly.

    Thank you…whoever or whatever is promoting this information.

    1. Chris Avatar

      H! Fair enough. I prefer not to stigmatize the feeling of being high. Also, I feel we treat everyone with baby gloves, assuming they all can’t make their own decisions because they’re easily influenced, then they become want we want to avoid: easily influenced, over sensitive, and thus at risk. That’s just my point of view. I appreciate you disagree and thank you for balancing out my “roughness,” “insensitivity,” “carelessness,” and whatever else you want to call it with your caution.

  104. Brittany Crawford Avatar
    Brittany Crawford

    I’m on day 1 of my first ever 3 day fast. I enjoyed your humor and hope I feel great come Wednesday eve! I’ll check back in with you. Funny detail, a cruise I just returned from prompted this fast. We left out of Vancouver (I see you’re from Canada) beautiful country!

    1. Chris Avatar

      We were just looking at cruise ships on their way to Alaska from Vancouver and talking about going on one some day. Sounds like they must have some gluttony-inducing food if it’s enough to prompt you to fast after! All the best with your coming 2 days.

  105. Roxanne McKenna Avatar
    Roxanne McKenna

    I posted asking if I blew it on day 2/3 by taking my vitamins, but I hit reply before I put in my name & email 🙁

    1. Chris Avatar

      No problem, Roxanne. I answered your anonymous comment above.

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