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If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.

Yogi Berra

Not Sure Where Your Life’s Heading?

In such a deep rut you can’t see out of it?

Not even in the same continent as your potential?

Searching for some purpose or mission to drive you?

Eventually, everyone finds themselves going with the flow.

Few take the time to pause, reflect, and change course.

The 30-Day Redirect Will Give You a GPS*

*General Personal Strategy

“Where am I?”

A series of exercises, thought-starters, and resources will help you fill in the blanks:

I’m maximizing for _______. The external problem in my way is _______, and the internal one is _______. I will start working toward overcoming them by _______.



But it’s better than your current trajectory.

Fake photo, real testimonial.

“I found the level of detail you provided in your emails to be very engaging, and it helped to get the brainstorm going. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is striving towards their max potential but does not yet know where to start. Awesome month-long journey!– Ori

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A: Learn, consider, and commit.

Over 30 days, you’ll get 13 emails with exercises to do at home.

They involve:

  • Learning: Consume some of the material—posts, videos, and podcasts—that can help you understand each of the four GPS blanks and spark ideas for your answer to each.
  • Considering: Spend quality, undistracted time contemplating your answers to the “big” questions and accompanying smaller questions behind each GPS blank.
  • Committing: Write down your answers, email them to me to make them real, then act on them.

A: One GPS blank per week.

30-day redirect calendar
Days differ depending on the month.

Here’s a general timeline:

  • Days 1-2: Why are you doing this? Psychologically trick yourself into having a better shot at making your 30-Day Redirect a success.
  • Week 1: What are you optimizing for? (GPS Blank #1) Figure out what your measure is in the y-axis of the chart above.
  • Week 2: What’s your problem? (GPS Blank #2) Find a flame to put under your ass for motivation.
  • Week 3: What’s holding you back? (GPS Blank #3) Identify an internal handbrake that’s slowing you down.
  • Week 4: What’re you gonna start doing about it? (GPS Blank #4) Commit to a small change you can start making now that will make a huge difference down the line.

A: Lack of excitement.

You probably won’t see or feel any immediate and obvious results from your efforts. If anything, you’ll feel uncomfortable thinking about pie-in-the-sky self-help-y questions. And there will be dozens of more immediately-rewarding things you could be doing instead.

“People waste years of their lives not being willing to waste hours of their lives.”

Michael Lewis

A: For attention.

My attention:

The $99 doesn’t even cover the time I will spend reading and responding to the emails you’ll send as part of the exercises.

Your attention:

The commitment incentivizes you to give the challenge the effort and attention it needs to get way more than $99 worth of benefit out of it.

A: Only one thing.

I can’t guarantee you’ll successfully redirect.

It’s a challenge. You’ll probably fail.

More likely, you’ll quit before you fail, just as the vast majority of people do when they pay for courses hoping for magical answers.

And even if you complete the 30-Day Redirect Challenge, your life won’t be much different. You’ve probably worn such a deep rut going back and forth in your boring life that it’ll take a whole lot more time and effort than a 30-day challenge to extract yourself.

But it can be worth it.

As you’ll see in my own examples that I use to guide you, it helped me. And, as you can see in the testimonials at the bottom of this page, others who put in the work found it worthwhile, too.

So if you manage to complete the challenge, there’s a good chance that, in 30 days, you will look back and be grateful for what you started. And you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do next. Keep it up, and you may eventually turn back and think to yourself, “Dang. That really was a turning point!”

Or maybe you’re beyond salvaging.

In that case, here’s the only guarantee I can offer you:

100% money-back with no questions asked, any time.

About Your Redirect-or, Chris Blahoot

From corporate accountant to pretiree to start-up f(l)ounder to travel blogger to, now, full-time educator/coach, I’ve gained ample experience redirecting myself.

My curious combination of open-minded creativity and pragmatic analyticalness makes me adept at absorbing oodles of knowledge and experience and condensing it into fun-to-understand action steps.

It’s worked for my life. It’s brought millions of readers to The Zag. And it’s what can help you figure out how to redirect yourself.


“I have to say I’m feeling good about having spent the time, and I really appreciate how it’s forced me to take a step back and put some smaller decisions into a bigger context.”


“I’ve just finished the ‘Redirect’! It was great spending the time to focus on myself and reflect – I’ve spent a lot of time consuming ’self-help’ style books, podcasts and videos and it’s been good to stop and consciously apply and consider things.”


“It has really helped me, much more than I expected to be honest, to clarify, gain new perspectives, and identify.”


“I found the level of detail you provided in your emails to be very engaging, and it helped to get the brainstorm going. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is striving towards their max potential but does not yet know where to start. Awesome month-long journey!


“I will say that the 30-Day Redirect legitimately helped me figure out what I’m meant to do with my life – it was a very big and powerful a-HA moment.”


“I’ve really enjoyed the process & am optimistic that it will shift the curve for me.”


“I thought the deadlines were great (forced us to be accountable) and the content was well thought-out.”


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