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Book summaries cover image of me walking up stairway of non-fiction books

Book Summaries: The Best Ideas from My Favorite Non-Fiction

These book summaries share my top takeaways from the best non-fiction I’ve read, taken notes on, and written about.

Different ways to think cover image

11 Different Ways to Think to Unlock New Ideas

Eleven different ways to think that you can try—and combine!—to attack problems from every angle.

Learning the hard way cover.

The Easier Alternative to Learning Things the Hard Way

How I finally learned that you don’t have to learn everything the hard way.

Latest in Career and Finances

Lost career-wise and find path cover image

Feeling Lost Career-Wise? A Case Study on What to Do

Figure out what to do when you’re feeling lost in your career by extracting practical lessons from an example.

Richer, Wiser, Happier cover image

How “Richer, Wiser, Happier” Inspired Me To Go After All Three

William Green’s book, Richer, Wiser, Happier, taught me how I might be able to keep doing what makes me happy and wise—while getting rich(-er), too.

Suck at making money cover image of coins in a hat

Suck at Making Money? Maybe It’s Your Personality

Despite my efforts to get better, I’ve always sucked at making money. Now, based on personality research, I think it may be my wiring.

Latest in Physical Fitness

Intermittent fasting explanation cover image

Intermittent Fasting Explained With a Simple Story

Intermittent fasting isn’t that complicated. It’s like responding to emails from a crappy boss.

Workout-life balance cover image.

5 Fun Tips for a Healthier Workout-Life Balance

Working out may stop feeling so much like work if you try some of these tips for a healthy workout-life balance.

Fitness is like money cover image

Retirement Training: Manage Your Fitness Like Your Money

Reframe your fitness like it’s money to motivate yourself to plan better for your physical future.

Latest in Relationships

How useful are you cover image

Being Useful Is Essential for Fulfillment—and It’s Not That Hard

The most surefire way to be useful and lead a fulfilling life is one you probably already know but don’t want to prioritize.

Things I love about my wife cover image of heart around Kim

Some of the 2,794+ Things I Love About My Wife

Every day since November 2015, I’ve been telling my wife a different thing I love about her. Here are some examples.

Hosting an event in a new city to make friends.

How to Make Friends When You Move to a New City

Practical approaches for making friends when you move to a new city that I’ve fine-tuned with my own experiences.

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How to get good advice cover image.

How to Get the Advice You Need But Don’t Want to Hear

I came up with a workaround to filter out bad advice and get the good advice I need the most but don’t want to hear.

Comfort zone challenges cover of comfort zone asking you not to read.

Comfort Zone Challenges You’ll Be Glad You Tried

Here’s a hodgepodge of challenges that your comfort zone definitely does not want you to read, but that are good for it in the long run.

Urban hike cover of Chris and his dad hitting corner number two.

Urban Hiking: A Great Day in 56,973 Steps

The story and lessons learned from a fantastic 56,973-step urban hike I did in my hometown of Vancouver.

Latest in Core Self

Spend time better cover image of Chris trapped in hour glass.

10 “Time Bombs” to Challenge You to Spend Your Time Better

10 rapid-fire challenges that push you to spend your time better.

Desirably difficult dream life cover image of 99% off sign.

Make Your Dream Life Desirably Difficult

If you could easily afford whatever you wanted, what kind of difficulty would you pursue? That’s your desirably difficult dream life.

Life whacks cover of me at supermarket

Life Whacks: The Ways We Make Life Unnecessarily Difficult

Life whacks are the opposite of life hacks: they make life harder than it needs to be. What are yours? And can you eliminate them?

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