Some of the 2,794+ Things I Love About My Wife

Every day since November 2015, I've been telling my wife a different thing I love about her. Here are some examples.


Since November 11, 2015, I’ve told Kim something different about her that I’m grateful for every single day. That was 2,794 days ago.

No doubt I’ve inadvertently squeezed in dozens of duplicates1I’m grateful she doesn’t keep track, so she can’t double-check.. And some days, I’ve stooped to stupid things like, “I’m grateful you don’t listen to death metal.”

Every once in a while, wracking my brain for something—anything—new to be thankful for2This is one of the big benefits of my daily gratitude for Kim: I sometimes mentally go through dozens of things I’ve already said before coming up with a fresh idea, which reminds me of how great Kim is) comes up empty, so, out of desperation, I Google ideas.3I haven’t resorted to ChatGPT… yet. But, come to think of it, if I feed it the examples from this post, I bet it can help me with some good ideas!

Thank you to those bloggers and Redditors who’ve given me ideas!

This list of a bunch of things I love about my wife is my way of paying those favors forward.4And to get more traffic to this site, which earns me ad income, which I can partly spend on Kim because saying nice things to her isn’t as effective as doing nice things for her.

Things I’ve Told My Wife I Love About Her

  1. I’m grateful you have such a different perspective from me on many things despite all the time we’ve spent together.
  2. I’m grateful you prepare 96 percent of our meals.
  3. I’m grateful you don’t seem to care about getting social media likes.
  4. I’m grateful you’re a super-efficient cook, while still not being messy.
  5. I’m grateful you also speak Spanish.
  6. I’m grateful you tell me very clearly when you don’t like something.
  7. I’m grateful you pour me coffee every morning after you wake up.
  8. Im grateful you tolerate me sleeping on my own bed in the living room.
  9. I’m grateful you never force me to sit through crappy TV or movies I don’t want to watch.
  10. I’m grateful you like watching The Challenge (a reality TV show).
  11. I’m grateful you sometimes want to work in the evening after Zac’s asleep, which gets me doing more productive things than watching TV.
  12. I’m grateful you fall asleep super easily.
  13. I’m grateful you, like me, generally prefer to be comfortable than to cuddle.
  14. I’m grateful you care and know less about pop culture than anyone I know—even me, and I don’t know or care about it, too.
  15. I’m grateful you eat less than me when we share dishes at restaurants.
  16. I’m grateful you find ways to look (and feel) great without spending tons of money on aesthetics.
  17. I’m grateful you’re as uninterested in tattoos as me.
  18. I’m grateful you enjoy foraging for chanterelles and pine mushrooms as much as I do.
  19. I’m grateful you have a strong sense of smell that prevents or minimizes how much I burn things in the oven.
  20. I’m grateful you tolerate me farting in front of you.
  21. I’m grateful you dislike winter as much as me.
  22. I’m grateful you’re unselfconscious about posing for silly photos for me for the blog.
  23. I’m grateful the only foods you dislike are small fish, lamb, and ham (but not bacon or pork belly).
  24. I’m grateful you keep our home fresh with plants, which you care for.
  25. I’m grateful you can drive stick, so we can save money on cheaper rental cars and I don’t have to drive all the time.
  26. I’m grateful you’re cool with sitting in the front row at comedy shows and movie theatres, so I get more leg room.
  27. I’m grateful you’re a reasonably cheap date.
  28. I’m grateful you never ever get jealous.
  29. I’m grateful you always have creams/moisturizers and other toiletries that I can use when necessary.
  30. I’m grateful you’re fine with eating cheap Walmart cheddar cheese.
  31. I’m grateful you diligently maintain our grocery/shopping list on reminders so it’s easy for me when I go shopping.
  32. I’m grateful you don’t compare Zac’s development to other kids.
  33. I’m grateful you rarely, if ever, compare me to other husbands—at least negatively.
  34. I’m grateful you introduce me to things that make my life better, like electric toothbrushes.
  35. I’m grateful you’re getting better at holding your tongue when I do obviously stupid things, like empty my back after volleyball in the hall, which spilled sand all over the place.
  36. I’m grateful you like all the foods I really like so I don’t feel deprived of being able to eat certain things.
  37. I’m grateful you rather live in a small, central apartment than a bigger one in a less-convenient location.
  38. I’m grateful you are happy to live without owning a car.
  39. I’m grateful you don’t get too embarrassed about my eccentricities.
  40. I’m grateful you help me identify and eliminate counterproductive eccentricities.
  41. I’m grateful you prioritize an enjoyable life over a conventionally successful one.
  42. I’m grateful you’re patient with the slow growth of The Zag.
  43. I’m grateful you have a sharp eye for aesthetics, which you use to decorate our homes and sometimes use to make me and my website not look too slobbish.
  44. I’m grateful you lift weights.
  45. I’m grateful you dress sexy.
  46. I’m grateful you pop zits on my back when I can’t reach them.
  47. I’m grateful you like having picnics all the time.
  48. I’m grateful you care as little as I do about politics.
  49. I’m grateful you prefer living in Kitsilano to North Vancouver [ED: where Kim grew up and where her parents live].
  50. I’m grateful you love Cape Town as much as me.
  51. I’m grateful you tolerate me ordering weird dishes from the menu that you usually don’t like
  52. I’m grateful you take charge and order for everyone when your parents treat us to dinner out, because otherwise I’d only choose the cheapest dishes.
  53. I’m grateful you enjoy blind taste tests as much as me.
  54. I’m grateful you host a bunch of dinner parties.
  55. I’m grateful you stay off screens when with Zac.
  56. I’m grateful you like to work out with me sometimes.
  57. I’m grateful you have your own close friends.
  58. I’m grateful you get along super well with your family—and mine.
  59. I’m grateful you let me know when I do something stupid that you don’t like, rather than stew on it.
  60. I’m grateful you have the confidence in yourself and our relationship to argue and bicker in front of others (when appropriate).
  61. I’m grateful you get over trivial fights within a day.
  62. I’m grateful you let me wear the same clothes day after day.
  63. I’m grateful you usually think I’m funny.
  64. I’m grateful you started returning the favor of daily gratefuls.
  65. I’m grateful you make it as easy as it can be to come up with a new thing I love about you every day.

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