Not pumped by how your life’s going?

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The Life Workout Plan

This FREE 7-step program gives you a concrete plan to pump up your life.

7 self-paced emails guide you through creating a “life workout” that makes your comfort zone sweat and takes your life in the direction you want.


“I struggle to make myself do challenges a lot of the time, but this time I actually sat down and did all of these exercises… writing them all out has made it so much more tangible.


Unsure which weaknesses in your life to work on first?

Comfort Zone Assessment

These 20 multiple-choice questions are like a fitness assessment for your life.

Identify your weaknesses and get a baseline to measure yourself against.



“This is cool!”


Life flatlining and in need of some defibrillator-esque jolts?

The Advent-ure Calendar

Challenge your comfort zone from all different angles.

Open up a surprising “jolt” in your inbox, along with details and motivation, every weekday for a month.

20 jolts. $20. So $1 per ⚡️.

“I enjoyed opening up your emails every evening with a new idea. Some of the challenges were impossible to fit into my day, but all were insightful and thought-provoking.”


Need an extra push to improve your habits?

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“Habit Bender” Group Monthly Challenges

Choose your own monthly challenge, fill out a specially-designed anti-failure plan, and join Chris and a private group of fellow challengers for motivation, support, and accountability.


The 30-day challenge was the perfect mix of camaraderie and accountability. It’s been 2 months since and I still pull out the tools from the course to help keep me on track.


Feel like you’re lost in life without a GPS?

The 30-Day Redirect

Redirect your life’s direction and get moving more toward your max potential.

A month-long series of emails, resources, and exercises that help you fill your “GPS” (general personal strategy):

I’m maximizing for _______. The external problem in my way is _______, and the internal one is _______. I will start working toward overcoming them by _______.


“The 30-Day Redirect legitimately helped me figure out what I’m meant to do with my life – it was a very big and powerful a-HA moment.”


Struggling to figure out and make your next big moves?

1-on-1 Coaching

Consider me as a personal trainer for your comfort zone.

I can provide questions, frameworks, and resources for making a clear plan, and BS-proof accountability for making it happen.

From $150/hr

“Chris gave me so much help finding direction, structuring my life, and getting me moving that I didn’t need his coaching anymore!”


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