You’ll Go Nowhere if You Don’t Challenge Yourself

So why not take on a monthly challenge?

But don’t make it harder than it needs to be

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Join Me On a Habit Bender!

πŸ™Œ Be held accountable by fellow challengers.
πŸ“’Get support from a dedicated team leader.
πŸ”§Follow a proven “Anti-Failure Plan” system.
πŸ’‘Get boosted by prompts, ideas, and inspiration
🍾Enjoy a successful month challenge, guaranteed!

Join the February Challenge!

Only $50!

Sign-up deadline: Jan 30

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πŸ™Œ Community

Put the “Action” in Interaction

  • Follow each-others’ progress on the free SnapHabit app.
  • Engage over a private WhatsApp group chat.
  • Stay motivated with periodic email prompts and ideas from Chris.

πŸ”§ Structure

Your “Anti-Failure Plan” Will Almost Guarantee Success

β€œWe don’t rise to the level of our goals; we fall to the level of our systems.”

– James Clear

Dramatically increase your chances of success and make your challenge more memorable by filling out an “Anti-Failure Plan,” a simple template based on my research on how to make any 30-day challenge a success.

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πŸ“’ Coaching

I’m Gonna Pump You Up!

Hey! I’m Chris.

I’ll help you plan your challenge, prepare your system, and power through the month. And I’ll be participating with my own challenge, too!

Only $50

For that you get:

  • Coaching from Chris.
  • Access to the group.
  • A structure to follow.
  • A memorable month-long experience.
  • Guaranteed success or your money back.

It’s like an exclusive gym membership with a private coach for only $50.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If at any point before, during, or after the month, you feel the Month of Discomfort isn’t doing it for you, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund with zero questions asked.

Feel Great For Having Challenged Yourself

Chris provides a really fun and easy way to jump on board a challenge and join some other cool people who are up for doing something new and interesting. I’m definitely going to join another one in the future.

– Joe

This was a great community-driven way to achieve a goal. It was a way to collaborate/connect with like-minded people and not have it feel overwhelming or overbearing. Highly recommended!

– Jim

Participating in the challenge gave me a way to make my efforts more visible to a larger community, and watching other people trying to accomplish their own physical challenges made me feel like I was part of a greater whole. I got a lot more consistent with my practice while doing the challenge, but more importantly, I felt a lot happier about actually going and doing the practice. I would 100% sign up for this challenge again.”

– Anna

I blink and it’s the next month and that happens all year every year. Your monthly challenges are great because there are regular reminders to stay on task, to make my moments count. And even better, I’m doing them with a group of great people from all over, who are also focusing on making themselves (and therefore the world) a better place.

– Deborah

Don’t Waste Our Time If You Don’t Really Want to Commit

We don’t want un-invested slackers.

Sign-up deadline: Jan 30

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First, look for inspiration within this list of crazy and creative monthly challenges.

Also think of different types of challenge you could do:

  • A project. E.g., publish your first YouTube video, declutter and clean your home, or teach yourself to knit.
  • A daily challenge. E.g., 30 straight days of yoga, trying something new every day, or performing an act of kindness every day.
  • A new skill. E.g., Learning to take better-looking photos with your phone or becoming an expert sourdough baker.
  • A theme. E.g., “In-Person November,” “Try New Things November,” “A Month of Discomfort.”

We had 22 people last time. This time, I suspect there will be fewer because I’m launching it later and not selling it as hard.

That means you’ll enjoy closer interaction within the group and more accountability-enforcing attention from me.

Probably, but not necessarily.

For some 30-day challenges, e.g., no sugar/alcohol/podcasts, you’re probably best off making sure to do it every day. But for other challenges or projects, as long as you’re making continuous progress throughout the month, you may not need to.

SnapHabit for tracking. It’s free. The app allows you to track your progress, set daily reminders, add notes and photos for each day, and view others’ progress.

WhatsApp for the group chat. Every week, I’ll do an accountability check-in there. I’ll also post periodic questions and conversation starters.

Email for keeping in contact with anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t participate in the SnapHabit and WhatsApp communities.

  • 2 to 3+ hours of preparation. To prepare for your month to remember, you’ll be asked to fine-tune your month challenge, fill out an anti-failure plan, and prepare a physical calendar.
  • 30+ minutes per week of group participation. This includes interacting with the group and sharing your progress.
  • However much time your challenge takes. It could take zero extra time, as would be the case if you challenge yourself to read books instead of watch TV. Or it could take a lot of time if you target to do half-a-million steps in a month or write a thank you letter to 30 people in 30 days.


If at any point you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth or need to drop out, all you have to do is email me saying, “Chris, I’m out. Can you please refund me?”

I’d appreciate it if you could help me learn and improve by elaborating on your reasons for requesting the refund. But if you rather not, I understand. I’ll refund you ASAP without asking questions.

You’ll Be Glad You Challenged Yourself

Chris offers gentle encouragement to step outside the comfort zone, try quirky new things, and he does it with humility, creativity, and good humor! Worth following!

– Mary

Months really do fly by… great way to make meaningful but achievable changes in your life.

– Jeff L.

This 30 day challenge was the motivation I needed to start doing something I already wanted to do but hadn’t made time for in the past.

– Blair

I greatly improved my handstand with Chris’s challenge. His program helped me push through the volume of training I needed to make significant improvement.”

– Jeff S.

I Double Dare You to Join Us.

And if you do, your fellow Habit Benders and I will keep pushing you to make your challenge a success.


Sign-up deadline: Jan 30

Get Notified of the Next One